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Friday's Follies - Jan. 25, 2013 (Read 43 times)

    Well it looks like I am first to post again this morning.  All this talk about wimps and all that at least I can show that I'm no wimp when it comes to being up early!


    Last nights run: 5 Miles Progressive - 39:22 (7:53) - and yes it was on a treadmill as will this evening's 9 miles...oh how I wish I could get it in outdoors.  It will be a tight squeeze to get today's run in after work as I also have a family meeting at 6:30 about a group golf outting in June.  I have to prioritize right?  So I'll try to get out of work a half hour or so early so that I can hit the treadmill before the gym gets too busy and then I can get home at a decent time and make DW that's a priority! Wink


    Happy runs everyone.

      So, where is marathon derrick these days?  I got an email for the "Run Like A Wildebeest" race that is in honor/memory of a friend of his in Flint.  I am going to put that one on the calendar and actually make it this year (unless something else comes up again). Roll eyes   Lately, making a commitment to make a race has been a jinx.  It is almost assures that I won't make it.


      I'll head out and run a few miles at lunch.   Tomorrow I hope to head north (about 80 miles where there is more snow) and do some xc-skiing.

      And so it goes

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        Good morning Maine!  Yep--you know your priorities!


        Psst...hey, Holly...did you know the average temperature in Loiusville, KY on April 27th is between 53o and 69o?  Yep...that's what it is.


        Okay--gotta get off this thing before I get caught...I'm at work...don't tell anybody...


        Oh...hi, Dave--you snuck in without me seeing you.

          ...ok, what is a Turkish SitUp???


          haven't Critically Injured myself lately.




          jlynne//........doing ok, everybody's just kinda WoreOut......



          ................good running guys...............ClaireVisit in progress.....

          ..nothing takes the place of persistence.....

            Good thing you didn’t take a break, Mike.  I would have thought you were a wimp.

            Jlynne—Starting Jan 1, I took advantage of the new weight loss widget on the log page.  It’s a good daily reminder.

            Maine—I’ve always known you were a great runner but your recap yesterday reminded me how far you’ve come back from your injury.  Impressive!


            Teens again for us this morning.  EZ 12.  A little more snow on the way later.


            Have a great weekend.

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              ...ok, what is a Turkish SitUp???


              I posted video links for the Turkish Sit Up and the Turkish Get Up in this week's Plank Challenge Thread. The guys demo-ing the exercises make them look so easy!


                Mornin' everyone.


                I don't see any wimps on this forum. Heck - one of the reasons I come here is for inspiration from one of the toughest, most dedicated crews that I know!


                I think I'd prefer a Turkish Bath to a Sit Up or Get Up...  Wink


                Congrats to Mr. Ribs for his upcoming 10th Boston! I wonder what color shoes he's wear?


                No workout for me today: I had some chores at home that I could get done early, so I did, and I had a very early interview scheduled. But I did leave enough time for stretches, planks and other exercises. I'm looking forward to getting back on the roads tomorrow morning.


                Have a great Friday!



                Without ice cream there would be darkness and chaos.

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                  Thank you Jay. I think the Brooks Launch for Boston this year.  I am quite excited.  This is not only my 10th Boston but will certainly be my last.  I often tell people, I have run Boston as a young man, and run it as an old man, and believe me, young is better.


                  I am doing this at the request of my BIL's family, as Joe always said he wanted his ashes distributed on the course, so that is what Joey and I will do (and yes I know this is illegal, but we're doing it).  Anyone else here going?


                  4 creaky miles this morning; hate to admit I am still tired from Sunday, but that's what it is.  I'll easily have my 40 miles this week with a 5 miler tomorrow, so I should get my legs back any day now.    Spareribs

                    I am doing this at the request of my BIL's family, as Joe always said he wanted his ashes distributed on the course, so that is what Joey and I will do (and yes I know this is illegal, but we're doing it).  Anyone else here going? 


                    Ribs I think that is a great gesture on your part.  Is your plan to spread a little along each mile or what?  I am planning on running Boston this year as a training run for the Sugarloaf Marathon which is 5 weeks after Boston so plenty of time to recover after using it as a long run.  I would really like to take the time to meet up with you if at all possible.  I will also be volunteering again this year on Friday the 12th.  I’ve worked Bib Pick Up the last few years and will probably be there again this year, I really like meeting other runners and exchanging stories or simple pleasantries.


                      Nice tribute ribs.


                      I won't say nutin Mike. We got your back in here.


                      That's some solid mileage Tramps. What race are you prepping?


                      Keep on not hurting yourself tw.


                      Only ran 10k at lunch. Too much work and no evening run in sight. Taking one of my boys to the Notre Dame hockey game tonight. Early birthday present for him. Frankly that will be more fun than loggin a few miles.


                      Cheers all.

                      "He conquers who endures" - Persius
                      "Every workout should have a purpose. Every purpose should link back to achieving a training objective." - Spaniel



                        a Very Fitting Tribute ribbs//...........somewhere I think Joe will be Smiling........

                        ..nothing takes the place of persistence.....

                        King of PhotoShop

                          Maine, you are right up there on my list of people I would love to meet, so let's figure this one out.  I met Jay Coastwalker at Boston year before last, and I met Deez that year as well.  What a thrill to meet people you have known on line for years. One of my most fun new acquaintances is PeterinNC, who owns a locksmith business and is a terrific runner and a fun guy.  I have yet to meet Perchcreek, although he and I have been online friends for a long time.  Another runner I haven't met in person is PBJ, so we have to get that one done soon also. I will stay in touch.


                          Now for a story on the ashes.  Joey and I are swapping emails on how we will do this, and he is planning on filling bottles on his fuel belt, whereas I am planning to carry a bunch of small ziploc bags, pill sized, in my shorts pouch.  So my sister, who is following this exchange, suggests that it might be good to simply cut holes in the pockets of our shorts and just let the ashes dribble out as we run.


                          Well, I thought this was the worst idea I ever heard of and told her so.  We joked that poor Joe would be left entirely on the bus to Hopkinton, far from the original intent.  Joey wrote me to say his dad would have laughed like hell at this exchange, and I agreed with him.


                          My thinking is we will all discuss this Sunday night and agree on who gets what "spots" on the course.  There are the start and finish lines of course, but there is also Wellesley and Heartbreak, the Johnny Kelly statue, etc., so it needs some discussion.  I'm thinking of stopping at Wellesley, handing one of the bags to a woman there and saying, "This is my brother in law.  How about you ladies sprinkle him around here a bit!"


                          See you soon Maine!  Spareribs

                          Trails are hard!

                            Robin has set a very high bar for putting on RA get-togethers in Boston.  I'm sure hoping that there will be another this year.


                            Ribs--I'm betting that that will be one line that the women of Wellesly have NOT heard before.

                            Need a fast half for late fall.  Then I need to actually train for it.


                              Now I'm imagining Ribs at Boston with a cloud of dust trailing.

                              (Wonderful tribute.)


                              C-R--Bah-ston. My goal is to stay ahead of Ribs....and his cloud....which should be easy since he's likely to get arrested at Wellesley.

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                                Robin has set a very high bar for putting on RA get-togethers in Boston.  I'm sure hoping that there will be another this year.


                                Ribs, you didn't mention wanting to meet me, so I hope you'll indulge me when I show up this year, if only to go to one of Doc Robin's great get-togethers. Smile I just finalized my travel plans, and will be driving up for the weekend to spectate. I'll be bunking in with my good friend from Boulder who is running Boston (who is also currently my coach). She and I were supposed to run NYC but only got as far as going to the Expo. Hopefully we'll have the post-marathon celebration we were cheated out of due to Sandy.


                                8 miles for me today as my out & back assignment. Target pace for the 7 O&B miles was 9:10, sandwiched between a short w/u and c/d at 10:20. Here's what I did:


                                w/u .5 mi = 10:17 
                                o&b = 9:21, 9:06, 9:08, 8:41 (.5 mi), 8:47, 8:44, 8:50, 8:40 (.5 mi); avg = 8:54 
                                c/d .5 mi = 10:08


                                Coach was pleased in spite of me being a touch too fast. Tomorrow is a long run of 14 miles at 9:55 pace. I'm opting for hills. Smile