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    It's time again to post your February miles! I know most of us are sick of winter, so I picked a photo to get you in the mood for spring running. This thread is not just to post your miles. We can see everyone's total miles in the "reports" link. Please feel free to add your thoughts on how your February went, and what your plans are for March. Tell us about your running, swimming, cycling, skiing, yoga, ... whatever keeps you sane! Cool Of course, only the running/walking miles will be tallied... Along the lines of March plans, I'm going to Japan for spring break with DH and DD, so I won't be here for the March Boomer Miles thread. Any volunteers for next month?

    I hammered down the trail, passing rocks and trees like they were standing still.

      I'll play this month. I didn't contribute last month because I felt like I wasn't much of a regular here. But I guess I've been getting more regular . . . with posting here that is. Blush I have 4 miles scheduled for tomorrow and that will put me at 102 miles for the month. YTD will be 192 miles. No PR's for me. I think my monthly mileage PR is somewhere right around 106 miles, which I should easily surpass next month as I start approaching my peak weeks of marathon training during March.


        Thanks a million Wildchild! The photograph is marvelous and I find that I am sitting here just staring at it! Hi Tammy---happy to see you here! February miles were/will be: 263.3 Race PR: 10 miles 1:15:12 on 2/24/08 February went well as far as running goes and I also managed to maintain 3 weight/abs/core/strength workouts per week (in my home gym aka the guest bedroom). My mood wasn't always happy as the winter seems to be wearing on me more than usual. There were many gorgeous days actually with blue endless skies and sparkling snow---and yet, I am just tired of the ice, bitter wind, travel delays, sand, salt and crud all over the floors, wah, wah, wah. I know, it could be much worse---whining over. March running plans include ramping up the mileage a bit more as the Boston Marathon looms and topping out at 74 mpw. I have lots of work travel on the docket for March, so I'll need to focus even more. I'll run a 20 mile race in late March and will do one of the super long runs on the Newton Hills (March 15 or 16). I also need to get more sleep! CNYrunner

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          208.5 miles for me in February. Not a PR month, but still a lot of miles. As much as I found the cold and wind annoying in February, we were pretty lucky here in that the roads were clear most of the time, so I didn’t have to spend much time on the TM. March always arrives for me as a burst of hope, bringing with it the first bright splash of color after the dreariness of winter – the tulips, daffodils, and grape hyacinth in my front yard. How they lift my heart when I see them! And I know the milder days are almost here....

          Life is a headlong rush into the unknown. We can hunker down and hope nothing hits us or we can stand tall, lean into the wind and say, "Bring it on, darlin', and don't be stingy with the jalapenos."


            Going to squeeze another run in tomorrow before I post. TammyinGP, I'm impressed with your January log can I have some of the drugs you use please so I can run 11 second mile pace. Don't you have problems with the soles of your shoes melting?

            Old age is when you move from illegal to prescribed drugs.

              Jules - Big grin I was sort of trying to keep that on the down low, but yeah, I have a new world record. Thanks for noticing. . . Clowning around I went back and changed it to something more realistic. I don't like all the media attention I would likely get . . . .



                Nice picture WildChild. I've not been logging. Surprised The schnappsis. Cheers. Began Feb with 3 days totaling 46 miles Then tapered two weeks ending with 50k++ (actually about 34 miles) Sore, then sick a week. Finished with 12 this week 135 miles jjj
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                  Only 68 miles for me for Febuary Undecided I had to take 10 days off due to a foot issue but the good news is its much better Big grin I am back on my marathon schedule and March should get my miles back up where they belong. Looking forward to warmer runs once in a while also.

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                    186 for me.......a great month including mt first 30.15 mile Ultra. Now, I am trying to get rid of some mild shin splints...on the right FAST running is out of the picture.... EVeryone...have a great March...
                      Thanks Wildchild for running the monthly thread. February was a good month even with the weather extremes and too many treadmill miles and missed runs. February miles: 168.9 Also, a PR in a 5 mile race of 38:16 Also, what Tim said, Have a great March. Paul

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                        After my 3-mile run tomorrow, it will be 88.6 miles in February for me, a PR by far. My gradual increase of mileage is working out great! As always, you guys and gals really inspire me to keep pushing further and harder than I knew was possible. I'm hoping to get to 35mpw before too long! Shocked
                          i calculated my miles to 89.03, but we can just say 89 miles Wink i am in awe of all of you running well over 100 miles and even over 200 miles/month - wish i could just figure out how to get in 100 .......i think 89 miles is probably a high for me in a long time tho!! i need to find a place to swim - want to do some tri training and plan on doing a sprint tri this summer!!



                            Thanks, Wildchild! My first full month on RA, since I'm resting Fri. I'm at 171. Ramping up my mileage for San Diego Rock and Roll Marathon. I'm happy - I got up to 50+ mpw and ran a decent HM. Want to be up to 60+ by the end of March and run a couple more races. One race I'm not sure I'll do is the Pacific Coast Trail Run in Montana de Oro park near San Luis Obispo. It's only 15 miles from my house, so I run a lot of long runs there, but the 12K has over 1,600 ft. of climbing Shocked It's a beautifu place to run, so I'm posting a pic from the top of Valencia Peak looking out to the Pacific . . . you can see the trail running along the spine down to the ocean (or up from the ocean). Very peaceful - but you do pay for the view on the climb . . . There are some other great pictures at It's been a great help being on RA and reading about everyone's runs! Thanks for the motivation! Steve

                              Two relatively low mileage months due to an achilles tendon injury. January - 118 February - 124 The last two weeks have been pain-free and I'm back to 40+ mpw, so I'm hoping to have a good March in order to be as ready as I can for Boston. PJ
                                February was a good month, all my minor injuries seem to be behind me. March will bring final preparation for Boston, with April a taper month. 194.5 miles in February 369 miles YTD I did complete a PR week of 56.2 miles in the first week of the month.

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