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Sunny Sunday Daily (Read 262 times)

    Drive-by start.

    (somebody's got to do it)


    Sunny but blustery here after more rain yesterday.

    EZ 14 for me.

      Just 1 mile to loosen up for me.  I'm going to get a fire going in the pot belly stove out back to keep me warm so I can grill some chicken for lunch.

      And so it goes


        I'm way behind, so instead of names - shouts outs to those doing well, having special days, etc.  and (((hurting ones))))


        finely reached 1000 miles in yak trax this morning - it was quite beautiful in the snow - now i'm ready for it to melt!  I'd never make it in alaska or colorado.....



          ...mornin' guys//


          currently taking a break from doing Inventory


          .........remind me of the Advantages of being Self-Employed, sometimes I forget........




          but I digress.........


          50min BikeRide,,,,,,,,,,20's wee bit of snow, luckily no ice


          not exactly Running


          at least it was outside


          ...................good running guys..............

          ..nothing takes the place of persistence.....

            2.5 gentle miles for me (cheerful wave to all)

              Mornin' everyone.


              Way too slippery for racewalkng on the freshly-plowed streets this morning, so I ran 4 miles instead. It was 23F with a slight westerly breeze. The skies overhead were pretty clear, but it was dark as blazes over the ocean as the last of last night's snow storm moved off to the east. I got grief from the newspaper delivery guy when we met at an intersection: "Did I see you running out there??" So I explained to him that I need better traction for racewalking than running, and couldn't do it on the snow without spending appreciable time on my butt. I could tell he didn't understand why one should be different from the other, but he let it rest. Got home, stretched, then put on some more clothes and headed back out for a snow-blower workout.


              Enjoy your Sunday!  -  Jay

              Without ice cream there would be darkness and chaos.

                Well seeing as nobody else is doing shout outs this morning . . .


                I did my 1-2-1 walk-run-walk TM routine this morning.  I am still not sure my ankle is 100% but then I have not seen anything consistent with it in terms of complaints either.  One morning sore on the inside, another in back and then on occasion on the outside.  Plan A at the moment is just to go slow with the mileage increase and see what happens.  I did change one thing this morning.  The podiatrist gave me orthotics to wear (as in "gave me" after I "gave him" $40) and I have been using them in my walking around shoes.  Today was the first time I put them in while running.  I do not really like them walking around in them that much.  We will see what I think of them running.  I know he wants me to wear them going forward.  But as with most "solutions" to problems my view is "see if it happens twice before you try to fix it."  So, I will experiment; run some with and without them.  However, once the ankle feels totally solid my plan will be to ditch the orthotics.  If my ankle starts up again I will put them back in.   Otherwise they can rest a drawer ready for the day, if it arrives, when I might need them which I hope will be never.

                Live like you are dying not like you are afraid to die.

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                  Because I had a mileage goal for the year that I wanted to achieve, I ran today on the TM even though I was in no mood to do so. But I got the mileage in and got the goal. 3.1 miles


                  *it's Bertha or me. My money is on me.*

                    7.75 miles in fresh snow this morning wearing my Yak Traks - 1:10:51 (9:09 avg).  It was really beautiful out, 25 degrees, very little traffic and the fresh snow made everything so white.  However, I could do without it and can't wait for it to be gone!

                    Jeff F

                    Free Beer

                      It is a sunny Sunday; a little brisk at 18 degrees but it was a beautiful day for a run.  Ten miles; half on the trail and half on the bike path. First week over 30 miles since July; and that was when I did 38 in one day.  Maybe I am becoming a runner again.


                      I was looking at my running log for the past five years and I realized I need to lose a few lbs.  I am currently 13 lbs above my lowest weight in 2009 when I ran all of my PRs.  Maybe dropping 6-7 would improve my performance...ya think?



                        12 early frosty miles....out into the moonlight and back into the sunshine...

                        Looking for a place to Happen, making stops along the way - The Hip

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                          Way too slippery for racewalkng on the freshly-plowed streets this morning, so I ran 4 miles instead.


                          At first I thought I read this wrong....but I do see your logic now...


                          Jeff - I'm right with you there. When I ran all my PRs I was 6 lbs lighter, which is a lot of extre weight for a small woman like myself.


                          16 miles for me today: 7 hilly miles outside (18 degrees with a brisk wind), and then 10 miles on the TM watching Magic Mike.....Roll eyes  .if you haven't seen it, you're not missing much....

                          Life is a headlong rush into the unknown. We can hunker down and hope nothing hits us or we can stand tall, lean into the wind and say, "Bring it on, darlin', and don't be stingy with the jalapenos."

                            Drake, I like the sledding pictures.  Jay, when I read your post, I thought I wa back in  the CR days when you posted as coastrunner.  marj, congrats on hitting 1000 miles for the year.


                            Nice long runs for maine, Tramps, Jeff, lynden, and Holly.


                            This morning, it was in the low 20s and there was a light wind.  I was another yaktrax runner for 3 miles at a 10:54 pace.


                            A good day and good runs for all.


                            King of PhotoShop

                              Gordon, it looks like you are now back in the swing of things. Great to hear.


                              Wow, that wasn't a typo!  Jay ran!


                              Fingers crossed twocat.


                              Goal was a nice long run today and that's what I did. Everything felt so comfortable and I kept on going.  Ended up with 20 miles at 10:10 pace, last two at 9:37 and 9:31.  I honestly could have gone longer.  Some days are like that.


                              I think a lot of people are watching football today.  I am rooting for the Cowboys, although sadly, I am a Jets fan.  My allegiance to the local team has more to do with my RP than anything else. I am not confident at all about tonight however.


                              No matter what I do tomorrow, I will end up in the 1700's for the year, down a bit from the previous two years of over 1,800.  Spareribs

                                Jets fan!  Bawahaha.  Ha ha ha!  Ha ha . . . Me too. Cry  Saddest thing in the world, a Jets fan . . .  Year after year . . . Sad

                                Live like you are dying not like you are afraid to die.

                                Drunken Irish Soda Bread and Irish Brown Bread this way -->