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Tuesday, February 19 daily thread (Read 42 times)

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    I'm surprised there isn't a thread already, hmm.... well hello and good morning to all!


    I've been with this group for about 5 and a half years now, but I don't think I ever met (online that is) this Amy that you were all speaking so fondly of. Does she just not post online anymore anywhere? Sounds like she's a really wonderful person. Smile


    Got my run in early today, 7.55 easy miles on a new neighborhood route that I drew out on Google maps before I ran it. Turns out it was hilly. Turns out I also missed a turn, but somehow wound up in the right place after all. With all these miles I've been doing lately, I have to find new places to run, or else I'll go bonkers in the same park all the time. And yes, Ribs, my coach is a diehard Lydiard devotee, so that's the plan she's giving me. I think I was supposed to start the hill phase last week, but my back was a little wonky, so we adjusted and held off. That's why it's good (for me) to have a coach, or else I'll feel compelled to blindly go forward with the plan, regardless of how things might get skewed in life. That was another one of those items on the list of mistakes, right Byll?


    Counting down the minutes until registration opens for Chicago. That will be my third marathon for 2013, and my 6th state. I think I'm doing the 50 states, ha, who knew?? I really hope Boston gets to be my Massachusetts entry. Big grin

      OM, she posted as Aamos. Does that ring a bell?


      woke up to snow this morning. How does that happen?  warm, sunny, low 60's over the wknd. I even transplanted my lettuce starts I had in the house. today it's snow. blech.


        I was at Deadwood a few years ago and had a chance to meet Amy but I blew it.  I ran the half and I was going to wait around and meet her after she finished the full (which wouldn't be that long a wait based on our speeds), but something happened to my calf around 8 miles and by the time I finished I was hurting so all I could think of was catching the shuttle back to the hotel.


        After my panic attack yesterday I think I got myself back together.  I am going to head to the office down in WV all next week and make sure everyone is on the right track.  We'll get something installed by the end of March.  At least enough to avoid penalties.


        I ran 4.25 on the basement treadmill today.  I started watching a 60 part series on systematic theology by RC Sproul.  It's more interesting than it sounds.  Really.  Each part takes me a little over 2 miles to get through so I should get in 130 miles or so in the series.  Tomorrow I am going to set up a fan.  I forgot how much I sweat on the treadmill.  By the time I am through the series I am counting on the ice being melted outside.

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          In that fine picture that Holly put up from Boston, I believe I saw PDR in the background. Have another look. Is it she?


          OM, I'm sure your coach has also pointed out that this kind of hill exercise from Lydiard is not the same as other hill workouts where you build stamina for running hills in races, but is more geared toward strengthening the muscles in the foot, ankle and calf.


          3.3 by myself on the dirt this morning. I want only 20 this week as the race is Sunday, so this is my 2nd and final taper week and I feel super.  I will take Friday and Saturday off completely, which ought to be sufficient to drive me crazy.


          Dive, yes I am doing Cowtown, and this is my first ever ultra, doing the "baby ultra" at 50K, kind of a bucket list thing.  This is on a hilly course on pavement, just an extension of the marathon course.  For those of you who know me here, I would be grateful if you would post your estimate of my finishing time.  I run just 40 miles a week and in this past training stretch have just 3 runs of 20 or more, one 30 mile weekend and a few races. I have no idea what speed to run.  My initial thought is that I will probably run a 5:10.    Your thoughts?  Spareribs

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            In that fine picture that Holly put up from Boston, I believe I saw PDR in the background. Have another look. Is it she?



            It is indeed, with WRFB.  Also, that is Tim directly behind me.  Remember him?  Good times.


            Lovely and 57 degrees when I got out of work yesterday, and woke up to freezing rain and high winds this morning.  Even the dog came skidding to a stop when I opened the door to let him out.


            Just 4.4 for me on the TM.

            Life is a headlong rush into the unknown. We can hunker down and hope nothing hits us or we can stand tall, lean into the wind and say, "Bring it on, darlin', and don't be stingy with the jalapenos."


              Up to the 40today for for our brief warm-up before cold and snow retur. Have started upping my mileage-6.5 miles with hills. Slow again (Marj says I'm walking faster than I run).  Legs feel good as does my back. Even winter running outdoors can be fun.

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                I put in my registration information, up to and including the credit card, hit submit, and the whole thing crashed. Active has a record of my registration when I go to the "view registration" page, but I haven't gotten a confirmation email that the charge actually went through. Sad I'm on hold with Active right now. I think I'm going to cry.


                Yes, I did hear of the name Aamos, but I don't think I was around when she was posting. I spent some time at KR while many came here to RA after CR blew up. That was due to problems with Active as well, if I recall correctly. Sad


                  Aamos wanted to meet up in Louisville one year,

                  but the 8-hour drive (one way) made me skip it...


                  ...........and I was a WHOLE lot younger then.




                  but not as much of a Wuss as I am now


                  FlareUp>>>>Rest Day

                  ..nothing takes the place of persistence.....

                    Maybe all this Amy talk will generate a visit from her.


                    EZ 7-miler during lunch in the cold rain today.  Running's not always joyful. Wink

                    MM #6177

                      PS -- I got into Chicago after all! MrOM as well. Smile

                        I haven't posted since Sat so will try to catch up.  wild, great 10mi race with 3 min PR.  Holly, congrats to your daughter and her team on their tough win.  Tammy, nice half and kudos to your son for his AG course record in the 5K.  steve, neat 5K with Tag and Honey.  Dave, it sounds like your daughter is doing well.  Twocat, good job in your 20K race.


                        Nice long runs for Holly, arf, OM, fatozzig, CNY, and Tramps (with speedwork).  Good job on the speedwork for Mike and evan.


                        Sun, I got in 3 miles on the TM and then went to Ludington to visit my mother.  I came home yesterday and felt real tired this morning.  I did 3mi on the TM and that's all I felt like.


                        A good day and good runs for all.


                          Dan and Amy...


                          And the Seattle Rock n Roll Maniacs...


                          Yes, she always holds her foot up like that!

                          The Goofinator

                            Congrats to OM and MrOM.


                            Pictures are so much fun!


                            Ribs - I have no idea how long it would take you, but enjoy the 50k!  Maybe we'll get you turned toward the dark side at some point . . . heh heh heh . . .


                            Ack!  I was just plain ole cranky this morning from lack of sleep from The Hub coughing and hacking half the night, Wilson driving me crazy during the night, and two cat fights within about half an hour of each other around 5:00 a.m.  I was suppose to do speed work this a.m., but it was pouring rain, and later hailed like crazy, so much so that the downtown streets were totally covered and it looked like it had snowed.  I probably should've sucked it up and went for my run since my crankiness could've fueled the speed work. Smile

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                              No running for me today, just trying to stay warm from the house to the car to work and back.

                              One more picture of Amy at our little party the night before Omaha in 2005, the first official CR meeting.


                              Here's a group shot from the pasta feed.  Amy was missing from this picture because she went to mass.

                                Grandma reporting in. Baby Nicholas was born at 3:15 this afternoon. 8 pounds, 21 inches long. Mom and baby (and big brothers Will and Ben) are all doing well Smile Got some great pics and will look for some help to post them tomorrow. We are blessed!!