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Fri Jan 25 Runs and Workouts (Read 708 times)

    Where's Roy? Recovery 3 miler for me today. I guess perchcreek trademarked the "magical healing miles", which is what this was. Workout: 2.1 miles, 9:10/mi, 130 AHR Overall: 3.1 miles 28:46 Good luck to this weekend's racers.

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      Ran hilly 2.2 mile loop x 4. This loop has a 70ft hill and a 75 ft hill. Good Boston training. Target was GA effort (AHR 160). First loop was with Tory. The 2 miles splits (AHR) were: 8:30(161), 7:54(159), 7:54(160), 7:49(159), last 0.8 mi 7:33(158). The hills got flatter! Perfectly sproinky today. Lets bottle that one Smile Total: 8.8 mi in 1:10:09 (7:58 pace, AHR 159) Have great runs!

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        Morning Lou & Steve Two good runs to start, your HR's are brill. I did a 5 miler undulating road run 5m 54:18 @ 10:52pace AHR 155 73% Been running but work has kept me busy, last day then a week off. Good runs All Roy I was wondering Where's Sans gone or is she still about?
          Morning Lou & Steve Two good runs to start, your HR's are brill. I did a 5 miler undulating road run 5m 54:18 @ 10:52pace AHR 155 73% Been running but work has kept me busy, last day then a week off. Good runs All Roy I was wondering Where's Sans gone or is she still about?
          hi Roy! SS hangs at KR. Nice hillwork Steve. You will grind Boston up. Remember to practice the downs too, they hurt you for much longer than the few ups. Check the profile. 16 miles of undulating downs before the 4 miles of minihills culminating in Hotbreak...then it's more downhill to downtown! Since it's the thing to do, 3 miles recovery at PMH* (Perch's magical healing) pace.

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            Good Morning! Perch – wish you could teach me to flatten out those hills. Roy – SS and many of the other CR people went to Starruns – hey, chick-let, good to see you again! Charley – I swear I tripped over a speck of dust a few weeks ago. Erika – yup, that was a typo. I switched out my weekend runs, but forgot to complete the switch. You have to pay $25 to use the hotel treadmill? Each time? Yikes! Looking forward to the RR and pics. No run today – x-training instead: lunges, dumbbell curls, leg lifts w/ankle weights, face-up and face-down, incline dumbbell press, glute raises, bench dips, and a 14-minute ab/core video. Happy Friday!

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              good morning! Steve, that was great! perch's magical hills. nice runs & workouts everybody. hi roy! stability ball things this morning, side lifts & side planks, & hammie curls, front planks still to do. callenetics & pt exercises last night. they're boring & I tend to put them off. during the side lifts the ball kept slipping out from under me. dh -- trying to sleep-- asked 'what in the world were you doing?? ' Smile Mary, has your Garmin arrived? oh goodie. erika has pictures!
                good runs and w/o so far this morning. I'm taking todays scheduled 6 miler and Sundays 16 miler off. I've got two issues that I want to nip in the bud. My lower right leg hurts like the dickens when I first started out It started three runs ago. At first I could really isolate the pain other than somewhere in lower leg. Now it feels more like the lower outside of right leg. The pain goes away after a couple miles...similar to a shin splint. But it doesn't feel quite like shin splints. I broke said lower leg (outside of leg) a few years back and don't know if it's just arthritis setting in or what. And I'm also feeling the ever so slightest discomfort in foot. Perhaps the onset of PF? I've been stretching the toes, massaging and icing in an effort to be proactive in this area. It doesn't hurt when I first get up in the morning as classic symptoms of PF indicate. Hopefully a little rest and continued self massage etc will do the trick.
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                Back on Stride

                  Saw the doc yesterday, and he confirmed a high hamstring pull after eliminating the possibility of any sciatic nerve issue. He also determined that my hamstrings are a bit tight to begin with and gave me some stretches to do now and in the future. He also said these large-muscle injuries can take 6-8 weeks for full recovery, but was in favor of my doing the stationary cycling to keep up my aerobic fitness as long as it doesn't hurt the leg. Then, try running easy and go from there. Pet peeve: When I called to make an appointment, the receptionist asked what my problem was and I told her. At the office, the nurse asked me again, along with which leg, what part of the leg, etc. Then when the dr. finally came in, the first thing he says is "So, why are you here today?" I need to explain three times? But I do really like my doctor. He is pretty "holistic" in his approach, is highly in favor of fitness activities, and is realistic in his recommendations. Never preachy or condescending. Very nice guy. ETA: Erika, I get emails all the time from women who say they "have pictures". Shocked Good luck to any weekend runners as well.

                  Doug, Runnin' in Rochester, MI

                    Morning, all! Doug - good luck with the hamstring. Those injuries aren't fun, but recovery seems to occur fairly quickly. If you do the strength training stretching faithfully, you probably won't have another problem. I must admit I don't stretch like I should, but I started doing back extensions and superman exercises religiously after my hamstring episode, and I haven't had any problem since. 6 easy miles on the treadmill this morning. I meet with my strength coach this afternoon to set my "goals". I don't tend to be a goal oriented person - at least I don't find I need goals for motivation. I'm thoroughly enjoying my new Yoga instructor. I hope I feel the same way about my strength program. We'll see...... Good runs and a good weekend to all!

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                      Good morning, all. been traveling alot the past couple of weeks and very little time to keep up with the dailies. a quick check seems most are doing well. Very belated condolences to SteveP and the rest of your family. It sounded like your mom left knowing she was part of a loving family. a nice run this morning to (hopefully) get back on track. 3.2 in 27:19. 13F Did a TM run at the hotel of 2 miles in 21:00 on Wed. that felt twice as painful. I missed (passed up) a chance to run in Erika-like weather this week. Spent 2 days in Rexburg, ID this week to complete a plant startup. Tuesday morning when we arrived on site, it was -23F, fortunately with no wind. Wednesday was a balmy -18F. one of the operators said of the warming spell--"Feels almost like the Bahamas, doesn't it?" I said that was my first thought when I got out of the car and all my nose hairs froze together Big grin Since we had to spend a lot of time outside, I didn't feel too bad about doing the run on the inside. All the cold weather gear that I've accumulated for running came in handy. Kevin

                      Need a fast half for late fall.  Then I need to actually train for it.


                        We went and saw The Spirit of the Marathon last evening. Enjoyed it! I thought it was a great view into the training and running of a Marathon. Deena Kastor is an amazing athlete! No HM for me this weekend. I going to have to pass on it. Still feeling like carp and have only 7 miles this week. I'm disappointed as the Miami course is outstanding and I haven't done it yet. Next year. Bill

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                          Dg_ - I don’t think I’m coordinated enough for a stability ball. Smile Kevin – I didn’t realize it got that cold in Idaho – yikes! Evryday and Breger – sounds like wisdom on both your parts. Roch – I hope your hamstring heals quickly. I agree with your pet peeve. Similarly, it really pisses me off when I call somewhere, am prompted by an automated voice to enter my account number, then transferred and again prompted to enter my account number, then eventually a human picks up the phone and says, “May I have your account number?” Roll eyes

                          Life is a headlong rush into the unknown. We can hunker down and hope nothing hits us or we can stand tall, lean into the wind and say, "Bring it on, darlin', and don't be stingy with the jalapenos."


                            Holly, apparently neither am I Wink. Doug, I hate that too. & I had the same thought as Holly. Bill, I'm sorry. hope you're better soon. you too, evryday. hi Sue. I hope you enjoy it too. I'll interested to hear how it works for you; I'm the same way as far as goals, but do think they'd help with efficiency of effort. and results!

                            Mr. Chip & Mizz Rizzo

                              Mary, has your Garmin arrived?
                              No! Cry Rest day. I too went to the movie last night and absolutely loved it!! Very inspirational on many levels. I took a friend who is a non-runner and she found it very moving too on a different level. I highly recommend it to all of you if it shows near you on February 21. Roch - hope the hamstring heals up quickly. You've been runnning so well over the past year. ~Mary


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                                Yesterday I overslept, missed my chance for a morning run, and then the day just flew by and I didn't get a run in at all. Grrrr. Interval fiasco today. I accidentally pulled up the wrong workout on my Garmin. On an earlier test I mistakenly programmed in .63 miles (thinking it was equivalent of 1000 meters; I don't know where I picked up that little gem of information), mislabelled it as 5x1000, and forgot to delete it when I realized the mistake. So today I pulled up that workout and after the first interval realized something was wrong. I decided to just keep running by feel and I ended up doing the traditional 1108x5 w/400 recoveries. Roll eyes avg 4:21. Total mileage 8.4 miles. Still a nice day--18F and sunny--and a run that felt good.