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2008 Chevron Houston Marathon LONG RR (Read 263 times)

    Follow the URL for my Long Chevron Houston Marathon RR, better late than never...Thanks in advance for reading

      Tim, what a great report. Sorry that you didn't make your listed goals but you certainly laid it all on the line. This will give you a better Boston-3 months to go. Train well. Marj and Henry
        Man, what a read! Great focus, preparation, and in my mind, great execution. Even though it didn't play out as you planned, you laid it all out! Very nice race, Tim.
        Quit being so damn serious! When we change the way we look at things, the things we look at change. "Ya just gotta let it go." OM

          Tim, Really great RR. I am sorry you didn't get your goal time, but your attitude is awesome about finishing with a smile! I think it is really funny that you experienced the demise of Active at the timing booth. What a shame - but supports why people are so unhappy. What's the story behind the blisters? Did you sweat more than normal? It seems that you have more blisters than would be normal considering all of your training! Thanks for writing such a detailed report. I don't know how you do it. I can barely remember my name after a long run! It really was excellent. THose of us who are not "seasoned" marathoners learn so much from you. C-mom

            Tim, Great report and super effort. On Mon, Tues I was looking for your report. On Wed, Thurs , worried that you were hurt, Fri looked up the results. Reading your excellent report made me realize why you kept us waiting. First you laid it all on the line at Houston. Second, your reports are tutorials on goal setting, staying focus, and having a good perspective on what matters. Your RR is so well crafted. You're a winner and better times are ahead.
              wa5yom, it may not be what you'd hoped for, but you ran a mighty fine race. You set your sights high and gave it your all. Congrats on an "almost" PR and a fast marathon. TomS
                Outstanding report! You are incredibly focused, and I admire your willingness to take a risk, and to find satisfaction in the execution of your plan, even if you didn't hit your time goals. I hope we meet up in Boston. PDR

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                  Wow, I feel tired just reading your report! It sounds like you gave this race a lot of thought and training, and gave it your all. Way to go.

                  I hammered down the trail, passing rocks and trees like they were standing still.

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                    Wow: I was waiting for this report Tim. It was so long coming I was beginning to worry. Sorry you didn't reach your goal, but you did a Great job hanging it all out there. Congrats. Dave
                      Tim, Impressive and thorough race report---thank you for sharing so much of the whole experience. My goal for an upcoming marathon is also to hold pace at 7:48-7:50, so I read each word with interest. While you didn't get the goal you first wanted, you absolutely pushed it hard and didn't leave effort to doubt. Your dedication and devotion to running is wonderful and Henry is right, Boston will be that much more satisfying. Good race Tim. Recover well and be good to yourself. See you in Beantown CNYrunner

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                        Tim – excellent race and report. You worked so hard for this, and although you didn’t reach your time goals, you did achieve the most important goal that you set for yourself and you learned from it – well done!

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                          Tim, thanks for the great RR. You certainly gave everything you had. Now it's on to Boston, where you can just enjoy yourself (or not, according to your plan). See you there.
                            Tim, We must have been close those last few miles. Our training paces were similar. I ran a 1:36 half four weeks before. I also felt like 3:25 was possible but I was going after my first BQ so I opted for the 3:30 group. I dropped back from them at mile 23 with an 8:45. Was still on course for 3:30 as we had several minutes banked but right hamstring cramps hit at mile 24.5 and it was all I could do to get under 3:35 for a 2009 BQ. What many people don't realize about Houston is the concrete, 50% of course. I think that pounding takes its toll at the end even more than most marathons. Congrats on another BQ.

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                              Hi Tim, What a terrific RR! Thanks for sharing all your prep work for the race, and the detailed description of what was going on as the race progressed. Even though you didn't hit your time goals, you still ran a greta race, and you did leave it all on the course. This was an inspired and inspiring run. With good racing and mental toughness like you exhibited in Houston, you'll be so ready for Boston this year! Jay

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                                Tim, What a joy to read your RR! I really like how you approach your training and how you fully prepared yourself for this race! You set some very specific goals and did your best in working towards them. You laid it all out there on this one! Even with all the training and preparation, I believe that there is an unknown factor that we just can't prepare for. I call it THE DAY. You can't prepare for it, you can't bottle it,....THE DAY just happens. I think that's why good runners like you keep working and planning so hard, because you know at some time THE DAY will be there again. Keep up with the great planning and approach. Your DAY will come. Good luck at Boston, maybe I'll see you there! John