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Thursday's Daily 19 September 2013 (Read 48 times)

Shirtless wonder

    Ooohh starting the daily. Wink  Sleeping in are we?


    Morning all.  Missed my run last night due to of those days.  So this morning got up early to do the 9 miles I was supposed to do yesterday.  Not sure if cooler temps or perhaps it was the MOON which was huge and bright - practically daylight bright..  Or perhaps it was just running shirtless in sub 50F temps.  But everything seemed to click to be a great run. I probably could have run a few extra miles it felt so good.  Though  I did run into a racoon around mile 6 something.  Actually almost stepped on it.  Anyway overall time was 1:15:01.99.  Going to be a good day.


    Enjoy the day all.


    Nulla camisia et nulla problematum 



      Mornin' Joe, and everyone to follow.


      Great run this morning Joe, except for the near-miss with the raccoon (I didn't know they could run 6 miles!Wink).


      Yep, I slept in today. We were out with friends last night, and we had a great time. But we got home almost two hours past my bed time. I still woke at 4 this morning, fed the cat, and decided that a bit more sleep was more critical than a workout this morning. So it goes.


      Here are a couple of shots of our shed in progress. The first is of the framing (pre-rafters and roof), and the second shows some of the almost-finished side detail, with cedar siding and our 'shutter vent' system that will help to dry green firewood. We still have to finish dressing the front, adding horizontal cedar siding to the back, and add the final trim pieces.


      Shed Framing


      Shed side detail


      Have a greta Thursday!



      Without ice cream there would be darkness and chaos.

      Trails are hard!

        Boy, Jay--you and DW don't fool around.  That's one substantial wood shed!  Very nice looking.


        Nice 9, Shadow.  Little extra on the heart rate around mile 6, I would guess.


        I had a great view of the full moon setting across our lake this morning.  Too bad it was a little breezy--the wide reflection would have been really spectacular on a calm surface.  4 miles in IRC for me and it felt great.  Now off to calculate the power needed to start a 4100HP motor.  Dainty little thing.


        Great runs to all that follow.

        Need a fast half for late fall.  Then I need to actually train for it.


        King of PhotoShop

          Nice work on the shed Jay, and good run for you with the raccoon today Shadow.


          Not much to report.  1.1 miles on the dirt, sort of a recovery from yesterday's track and a partial rest day. Tomorrow is an off day and Saturday is the race.  I am very excited.  Spareribs

            ...sounds like a Pretty run stumpy/////...........nice shedding jay....




            double weight sessions with 12-min alternating sitting and standing on the x-bike


            I can strengthen this leg



            ..............good running guys...............

            ..nothing takes the place of persistence.....

            Trails are hard!

              I forgot to add this in my first post.




              For some reason, I was just reminded about it.................................

              Need a fast half for late fall.  Then I need to actually train for it.


              MM #5616

                Jay, what a beautiful woodshed!   Ours is a bit more rustic...


                I hammered down the trail, passing rocks and trees like they were standing still.

                  Hey All,


                  Out for a very muggy 8 miler this am. What happen to my dry and cool 46 degs?


                  Also began a 6 week Best Abs contest today. Should be a good test of will power.

                       Ours is a bit more rustic...




                    Rustic is a good look!

                    Maniac 505

                      On 9/18, Tet wrote:

                      Weekend before last there were 31 scheduled ferry sailings that didn't happen due to crew shortage. 

                      . . .

                      I just finished a vacation,  I'm back to working nights, 

                      hmmm. 1 + 1 = 2.



                      Not yet,  to date there have been no missed sailings due to engineers, but that is only because we relive face to face,  if my replacement does not show up I make an extra trip.  The deck department goes home at night and a new crew comes back in the morning.  there is usually no one to hold over.


                      a couple of nice wood sheds out there.  It brings back a lot of memories from when I lived in Montana.  I was glad to sell my chainsaw.


                      Off to bed now,  hopefully I will get up in time for at least a short run.



                        I forgot to add this in my first post.




                        For some reason, I was just reminded about it.................................


                        That explains what I was seeing on Twitter this morning.  People were doing pirate hymns (#PirateHymns)

                        - Joyful Joyful We Ahoy Thee

                        - Come Ye Schallywags, poor and scurvy

                        - A Matey Fortress is Arrr God



                        mta - Ran 3 miles this morning.  Forget to mention that earlier.

                        Humanity runs on coffee.

                          fatozzig just remember "everybody else's"  regular pace is a too slow to bother with pace for some.  Sad but true.


                          shadow runner and wildchild impressive wood sheds at both your places.  Mine is a blue tarp tossed on top of a pile of wood.  Alas, it shows off  all of the carpentry skills that I have.  Another sad but true state of affairs.


                          stumpy77 I take it a guy with a rip cord is not sufficient.


                          Spareribs good luck with the race.  A 20k as I recall.


                          tomwhite I will keep my fingers crossed for your muscle buildup.


                          Slo_Hand be grateful you can even consider a best abs contest!  No matter what I do all I have are flabs.  Cry


                          divechief good night.  Night!?  It is 11am here!


                          I should have known posting about whether to enter a 30k race due to weather considerations would generate nothing but heaps of scorn around here.  However, I want to point out yet another advantage to not having signed up for a specific marathon as yet.  My plan remains to target something around November 10.  But, I also have a 10 day forecast for then available on November 1.  I plan to use it!  Once I see what the weather is likely to be at the various options I will see about getting to the race with the best weather forecast!  Yes, indeed I can potentially avoid having to worry too much about rain on race day!  So take that Messieur  tetsujin209 and Mademoiselle Mariposai! Joking


                          Today I headed out for a 14 mile run.  About a mile and a half into it (mostly downhill) I saw that I was close to a 9 minute pace.  For some reason I got it into my head I should do the loop at under a 9 minute mile.  I have no idea why this got into my head but it did.  In the end the run came in at an 8:37 pace.  All for what?  This is slower (I hope!) than my MP.  Still, it was nice to beat my goal even if it was a rather pointless one.

                          Live like you are dying not like you are afraid to die.

                          Drunken Irish Soda Bread and Irish Brown Bread this way -->

                            Jay, that's looking like a nice fancy shed!  One advantage of living in the South is that you don't really need to shed your wood; there's rarely enough snow to make it worth the bother.


                            Didn't have access to a car today (long story) so I tried to run my intervals on our dirt road, which isn't really flat and has lots of loose gravel making the footing quite iffy. It didn't really work out and I had to give up targeting a 5K pace.  Oh well, I still got a 9-mile run in and ran 6x800s in the 7:00 pace ballpark.  Instead, I'll make my weekend 5K my real speed work this week.


                            More good reminders today from Mr. McMillan.  OM might want to pay special attention to #2.  Wink


                            HOW TO AVOID THE 4 COMMON PRE-MARATHON MISCUES

                            We all know that poor pacing is the biggest mistake that marathoners make on race day. Talk to runners of all levels at any marathon expo before the big race, however, and you'll soon realize that a multitude of mistakes are also made before the race even starts. Here are the most common pre-marathon mistakes that can affect race day (and the easy ways to remedy them).


                            Mistake No. 1: Forgetting the impact of non-running stressors

                            As you put the finishing touches on your marathon preparations, it's important to take into consideration the other stressors (work, family and other commitments) in your life and how they impact your running. We all have an "energy tank" and the stressors of life - both good and bad - deplete this tank on a daily basis. If you are in your heaviest training, then you're depleting this tank to a greater extent than in the beginning of your training phase. As a result, you have less energy for other stressors and these stressors, which may have been easy to accommodate during the lighter training, can result in increased fatigue, illness, or injury.


                            Fix No. 1: Plan ahead and prioritize


                            While you can't necessarily avoid other stressors, you should respect them and be flexible when they happen. If you have a big training week ahead, try to plan ahead to minimize the other stressors in your life, thus optimizing your training. Be diligent to take care of yourself before and after your important training sessions. Make sacrifices. Do the little things necessary to be successful in your marathon. And, if something does come up, like a long work day or sick child, be open to adjusting your program. Lastly, don't worry about being selfish during this time. Your support system understands and you'll have the recovery time after the marathon to pay them back in spades.


                            Mistake No. 2: Getting too worked up for the race

                            There is high energy at marathon expos and not all of it is positive. Some runners simply freak out as the race nears and waste their performances in nervousness and worry.


                            Fix No. 2: Relax and enjoy the moment


                            I always tell runners that the marathon, while an enormous event, is not something out of the ordinary. In fact, it's likely that during your heaviest training weeks, you've been able to perform really well in long runs and even long races. So, what's the big deal? Instead of excess worry, why not enjoy the experience? After all, you are simply asking the body to do what you've trained it to do.


                            So, get out of your own way, trust your training and enjoy the experience. Make it a habit to review the positive workouts and races from your marathon training phase at least once a week as your race approaches. Be excited to run and quickly dismiss any negative thoughts, focusing instead on what an opportunity the race provides to go and do what you love.


                            Mistake No. 3: Resting too much during your taper

                            Many runners change their training rhythm too much during their peaking phase. They rest so much that they get sluggish and stale - the way you always feel after a few days off. On marathon day, they feel mentally and physically slow.

                            Fix No. 3: Stay sharp


                            The body likes routine. Let the body and mind rest, but don't take a vacation from training. Maintain your frequency of running during your peaking phase (one additional day off is allowed) and your intensity, but simply reduce your volume of running as the race nears. A good rule is to reduce your volume 20 to 30 percent in each of the last two weeks before your race. Don't waste your race in training but certainly keep the body ready for fast running with a few key workouts.


                            Mistake No. 4: Not preparing for the rigors of race weekend

                            It always amazes me at how many runners are rushing around like crazy on marathon weekend. They forgot their racing shoes. They have no gels for the race. They are suddenly starving and have no idea where to eat. They spend hours on their feet at the expo.


                            Fix No. 4: Take control of your destiny


                            First, pack your race gear in your carry-on bag so your key equipment will always be with you. Second, upon getting to your hotel, head straight to a grocery or convenience store and stock up on food and fluids. Having fluids and fuel on hand (in your hotel and always with you) will ensure proper nutritional preparation for the race. Third, don't camp out at the expo. Get your number and packet, visit a few booths and then get off your feet.


                            In the last few weeks and days leading up to your marathon, work to get prepared for the race - physically, mentally and logistically. Avoid the common pre-marathon mistakes and it will be smooth sailing on race day.

                            MM #6177

                              Thanks Tramps. I just read that article as well (we're on the same mailing list, it seems). What irks me is that while I intellectually know I should be chilling and relaxing, because my body is having these palpitations, I know my body isn't listening to my brain about things. But I'm trying.

                                nice woodwork Jay.


                                I like rustic wood sheds also, Carolyn.


                                We live in the woods, and have had manymany trees cut down to move the tree line a bit farther away from our house. and we can use NONE of that wood because our home is only electric. no wood burning stove, fireplace, nada. But we have a nice outdoor fire pit and we take our own wood when we go camping, but barely puts a dent in all the free fuel we have around us.

                                david did well at his meet yesterday. 3K=11:14. good for 5th OA, 4th in his grade (8th), and 1st on his team. He wasn't feeling well so he wasn't very happy with his time, but it's still his 2nd fastest time so I thought he did real well.


                                last day of some warmth and sun for about a week, so will check out a bit early from the office and get in an hour run before Open House tonight at David's school. Glad I already know almost all his teachers, because after running for an hour in the sun, I won't be making a good first impression. maybe i'll just skip the one new teacher I haven't met yet. . .