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Thursday 3/21--wake up (Read 45 times)


    Good morning! No daily  yet? No run for me but I did swim just under  a mile and may do cycling class later. Maybe try a run tomorrow.... The knee I fell on is recovering but is also very colorful! Big bruise covering the entire knee, very attractive.  I cut quite a figure at the Y with that bruse on one knee and a brace on the other..


    Have a good day everyone!

      Good morning Lame!


      no run for me either. won't get one in today. deep tissue massage on my legs this afternoon and then picking up DS from track.

      He had his first meet yesterday. First time running the 3000m also. Last year he ran either the 400 or 800. he did a great job. They run 6th,7th and 8th graders altogether and he took first, even amongst the 8th graders (DS is in 7th). His time I think was 11:01. He was surprised and happy with the results.


      deez: whenever I've had pics over at FB, all I've had to do is 'copy/paste' the picture over there. I didn't have to load them into my FB first. Glad to hear Baby Maria is home! She is so adorable!


      MM #5615

        He was surprised and happy with the results.


        He was "shappy"!  Sorry...old line from an old Family Ties episode.  It was, actually, shocked and happy, but surprised will work.


        Man, that kid of yours is fast, Tammy!


        I'm sure your knee looked very cool, lame.


        You know--I am very dissapointed with the lack of activity on here, lately.  I am really having a carpy time at work, this week, and I rely on this place to come to for some relief.


        Where's wild been, lately?  Since she should be tapering she should have more time to post.


        Okay--I'd better get of here before I get caught.


          RAL - a glorious 5 miles, no wind and 30's and snow flurries (no Spring either but that's another issue)


          but my exciting news is I've given my notice at work and I'm retiring on June 9, which is why I could run longer than 3miles, my normal lunch run.


          have a wonderful day everyone and ((hugs)) to the hurts and Smile Smile to anyone who wants one (yes i'm giddy).



          New skirt in town

            Man-oh-man, I am sooooo tired!  I despaired of getting my workout done this morning, but I just took an extra long warmup and ventured in, thinking that I'd bring the pace down a notch if it felt too lousy.  In the end, though, I managed 9 miles, 5 of them at slow tempo pace!  I'll take 5 easy miles tomorrow, which my tuckered legs will appreciate.


            No aches and pains anywhere...I'm growing increasingly suspicious that the other shoe is going to drop...



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              WHOA Black Betty,, Bam-a-lam....Whoa Black Betty,, Bam-a-lam....

              Mike E - that song is going to stick in your head all day.

              I got 15 miles in this morning.   A big snowstorm was forcasted for today and it's blowing in right now.


              { lame }   You'll never be a poster child for the Y


              Tammy - huge congrats to your son!


              Deeze - Glad baby Maria is home safe and sound.


              Ribs - When you're not here, everything is out of whack....the earth is probably rotating the wrong way.


              Giddy Marj - Congrats on retiring soon!!  That's so great!!  Like Holly, I will also be in the coal mines for a long time.



              Off to work


                Congrats on the retirement plans, Marj!!

                I'm still a couple of years out or so, but am already starting to think about the count down.


                Ran 2.5 miles on the TM this morning, using 4:1 run/walk.  No significant blow back from the foot yet, but will have a clearer picture  by bedtime tonight.  Hopefully I'll be able to manage 3 on the trail with my buddies this Saturday!

                .....Nancy The road to hell is paved....... run trails!

                  Tammy, congrats to your son on his 3000m win.  marj, congrats to you in deciding to retire.  I've never looked back after retiring.  I don't know what I do with my time but I don't feel bored and love being able to do what I want when I want.


                  Nice long runs for Mike, mari, and arf.  Good job on the speedwork for deez.


                  This morning, I plodded through 8 miles on the TM at a 10:56 pace.


                  A good day and good runs for all.


                  New skirt in town

                    Marj--how will you spend your post retirement time? Adding in more miles? You were running so strongly the last time I saw you, you'll be a monster with increased volume!!



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                      Congrats, Marj!

                      Arf. Ram Jam.  I own that album.  On vinyl.  You can stop laughing now.

                      I'm with Mike; where's all the activity?  Oh wait...  My excuse is I'm busy and running a lot. Whew.

                      Tom--8 on the treadmill requires patience.  Well done.


                      Slow 7 today, just getting the miles in.  Didn't even bother with my Garmin.  Gee, it felt cold out with a blustery wind.  Brrr.


                      ETA:  I thought the poem featured on this morning's Writer's Almanac was sweet:


                      Every Day

                      by Tom Clark

                      Awake the mind's hopeless so
                      At a quarter to six I rise
                      And run 2 or 3 miles in
                      The pristine air of a dark
                      And windy winter morning
                      With a light rain falling
                      And no sound but the pad
                      Of my sneakers on the asphalt
                      And the calls of the owls in
                      The cypress trees on Mesa Road

                      And when I get back you're
                      Still asleep under the warm covers
                      Because love is here to stay
                      It's another day and we're both still alive

                        Congrats on your soon retirement, Marj!


                        Lame - Just makes you look too tough to mess with.


                        Tammy - Congrats to your speedy son.


                        Hang in there, Mike.  Better days gotta be right around the bend.


                        Had my choice of 2-4 miles to run this a.m., so I split the difference and ran 3.  It was a chilly run, but my legs felt surprisingly spry as I ran a bit faster than "EZ."


                        Tonight, one of Karen's friends is hosting a farewell dinner at a local private club, The Ingomar.  Should be good eats and a good time with about 4 or 5 of us.  Then I and another friend are having a farewell lunch for her tomorrow.  Then we're running one last time together on Saturday and I'm helping her with the last of the packing and cleaning.  Then she and I and Shorty will be making pizzas and watching basketball tomorrow night . . . then that's it.  Then she's gone.  The next few days are going to go back way too fast. Sad


                        On the bright side, I'll be seeing her in May (WS 3-day training run, June (Kate's running Western States and we're crewing), and July (I'm running Mt. Hood and she and Kate are volunteering). Smile

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                        MM #5615

                          Of course, I'll hang in there, Leslie.  As much as I complain and as tough as things have many people have it a whole lot worse.  I'm just spoiled.


                          Nice poem, doesn't rhyme.  By the way-- I can't wait to see how you do at Boston--you are running so well, right now.


                          I went 12.5 miles in 1:35:27, today, after work.  My right Achilles is rearing its ugly head, again.  It's not terrible, but I need to keep an eye on it.


                          Okay--that's it for me, tonight.  See ya!


                            deez: whenever I've had pics over at FB, all I've had to do is 'copy/paste' the picture over there. I didn't have to load them into my FB first. Glad to hear Baby Maria is home! She is so adorable!


                            my browser won't let me copy and paste to here - I've tried to copy and paste from Microsoft word starter and it wont let me do that either Cry


                              No running this week for me but thought I'd check in.  I missed the pictures of the baby, deez.  The only way I know how to post pictures is through photobucket or something.  How does FB work?


                              It was 12° when MrStarr and I drove to the auction site this morning with one last load of junkvaluable antiques to sell on our auction Saturday.  I played with packed up the Barbie & Ken doll stuff one last time. Feel free to come MikeE and anyone else in this neck of the woods!


                              I am so happy for you Marj!  Retirement sounds lovely.  You are running so great these days.  I want to be like you when I grow up.  Leslie,,, such a sad week for you losing your running friend to the move.  Tammy, I like to read about your DS's events.  What a great kid!  Robin, I chuckled when Tet posted something about your attire the other day.  Now where is that nekkid skating picture?  I'm glad you're still able to swim and bike, Lame.  Enjoy your trail run, Hemme, glad the foot is feeling OK.   You go girl, arf with a long run.  Tramps, I agree about Tom's 8 miles on the TM.  I couldn't do it.  I remember when PBJ did 26.2 once.


                              Well I have to be at work in 8 hours so g'night everyone.

                              New skirt in town

                                Denise, tell me what photos you want brought over and I'll bring them over!!

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