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Soggy Saturday, 8.18.12 (Read 332 times)


    Mornin' all.


    Ribs, that's a very sad ending to a sad story. I wished vindication for Man A and, frankly, at least a good slap on the wrist (if not some whacks with a ruler) for Man B.


    Econo, have fun with your new kitty!


    A niece and her girlfriend arrived yesterday afternoon, scarfed down some lunch, and headed to the beach for a few hours. We had a lobster dinner last night, so we can check off one requirement of the trip. Too bad today will be wet, so no bronzing on the beach. Maybe we'll go have some fun in Boston...


    4.75 easy racewalking miles at 4:30 (I know, I know...) this morning. It was mild and muggy from last night's rain, and before today's rain. I was still fatigued and a bit achy from Thursday evening's race. So the weather and my body combined to make this one of the most unsatisfying workouts I've had in a long time. It didn't used to take this long to recover from just a 10K, but I had a younger body then too. Tomorrow's workout has to be better than today's, so I'm already looking forward to it.


    Enjoy your Saturday, and good luck to all today's and tomorrow's racers!



    Without ice cream there would be darkness and chaos.

      ...mornin' jay////


      as I feared, Swimmers are Sissies,,,,,,,,,,,the pool was CLOSED this morning



      to a'' Chemical Imbalance''_________<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

      (too easy,


       your Own Zinger at this point)


      when did having your skin  eaten off ever stop someone from Running????



      so ZIPPO for today



      off to Ky after work to visit my dad

      trailrun tomorrow............ohboyohboy



      ..........................good running guys

      ..nothing takes the place of persistence.....

      King of PhotoShop

        5 today at the Lake gave me another 40 mile week, so I feel some sense of accomplishment.


        I start my week on a Sunday and end on a Saturday, and although I never run more than 40 miles a week, starting tomorrow my plan is to run 66 miles this week.  Bet you don't know why!  Spareribs

          Miss all of you!!  Busy here and just not spending much time on the computer but of course you all cross my mind daily!!


          I ran a 5k today in Londonderry, NH - but gave blood yesterday and probably didnt replenish the fluid enough since the afternoon exploded at work.  The wheels totally fell off after mile 2 ...... Mile 1 - downhill 8:10, Mile 2 rolling hills 8:55 Mile 3, starting to feel dizzy and that downhill became the uphill mile toward the finish 9:55 Black eye and a dizzy stumble to the finish line for 28:07Blush (over 2 minutes slower than my last 5k).   Oh well, at least I put 4 miles in today including the warm up and spent time with my MVS friends - plus scored another point in our running series!!


          Hope you are all enjoying the weekend and staying dry!!

          Happy Saturday!!


          Marathon Maniac #957

            Could somebody we know be having a birthday this week?  Smile


            Tom - I agree!


            Jay - nice racing on Thursday, btw.


            4 easy-paced miles for me today, including some striders.


            Spent the morning doing touch-up painting and hanging pictures, moving furniture, etc.  The kitchen is slowly coming together. 


            DS has has first soccer game of the season this evening.


            Happy Saturday!

            Life is a headlong rush into the unknown. We can hunker down and hope nothing hits us or we can stand tall, lean into the wind and say, "Bring it on, darlin', and don't be stingy with the jalapenos."

            The Goofinator

              When will we be singing "Happy Birthday"??


              12 miles out at the  McKay Tract this morning.  Saw a bobcat and her baby.  I stopped as soon as I saw them.  Mom headed for the bushes, but baby kept running from side to side, I think looking for mom.  Once the baby disappeared for more than a minute, I continued on as I'm sure Mom wasn't about the come back out until she was good and sure I was gone.  After that, lots of fresh bear poop that was full of berries, but no bear, thankfully.


              I got to talk with Coach Gary last night.  I'm feeling positive about this.  He's been having some running issues, but said working with me is getting him exciting about running again.  He won't let me pay him right now.  Said he wants to wait and see how things pan out, i.e., see if he really does like putting together coaching programs/being a coach since I'm his first client.  I told him about my goals for next year and he's excited for me and thinks it shouldn't be a problem.  My Goals: two 50-milers, WS Memorial Day weekend again, and maybe a 50K thrown in here and there to keep training interesting.


              Okay - I got a big transcription job this past week, so I need to get to it.  Enjoy the rest of your weekend ~

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              Trail Runner Nation

              Trails are hard!

                Only 66?  For some reason I thought you'd be going farther. Joking

                Need a fast half for late fall.  Then I need to actually train for it.


                  Jogged gently just over 3 hours (sportwatch is broken, and I'm calling it a 17-miler). Oog -- I'm tired now! Went to the county fair with my son (just for the record, 1 corn dog and 1 frozen cheesecake on a stick). The all- Alaskan piglet races were fun, as always...

                    Twocat, belated happy birthday to your wife.  Jay, congrats on 2nd in your race.  Mike, good luck in reaching your 15K goal.  deez, way to go in a tough race.


                    Nice long runs for Twocat, fatozzig, and Econo.


                    This morning, it was in the high 40s and almost calm.  I got in 6 miles at an 11:11 pace.


                    A good day and good runs for all.



                    MM #5616

                      TomS, I like the 11:11 pace!


                      Leslie, I bet the baby bobcat was cute!  Good thing they didn't bother you.


                      I saw a herd of mountain goats on my run today.  22.1 miles in about 4 hours.  This is the last long run before my marathon on Labor Day.  Someone remind me again why I thought it was a good idea to run another marathon?? Joking 


                      Econo, our county fair is this weekend, too.  I'm planning to go tomorrow.  I think my county is the smallest in Colorado, and the fair is pretty lame, but it's fun anyway and I always know lots of people there.

                      I hammered down the trail, passing rocks and trees like they were standing still.

                        County fairs rock! I like the art & photography exhibits (good & bad) the bunnies, the fancy chickens...

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                          TomS, I like the 11:11 pace!


                          Me too! Whenever I see that time on the display on our cable box, I tell MrOM that the box is broken, since it's displaying only vertical lines...


                          Hiked up Bear Mountain in upstate NY today with a bunch of girlfriends. It was more rock climbing than hiking, the way the terrain went. I found I don't like that sensation, feeling that I'm going to slip and fall off the side of the mountain... needless to say, I don't ski.... I'm not an outdoorsy type, and touching the ground (rocks, trees, whatever) with my hands bugs me, but I finally had to give in and go on all fours on many of the rock faces, and then I felt a lot more secure and grounded. But still, it really skeeved me...


                          But afterward, the picnic feast we had was well worth any skeeviness I might've felt on our three hour hike. Climbing 1180 ft really makes you work up an appetite! Hope my legs are OK for my 20-miler tomorrow...


                          Happy weekend, all!

                            Ribs is running 66 miles this coming week? Are you doing a relay?


                            Wow, what a magnificent day! Too tired to talk about it now, but as my house guests are enjoying the cool evening on the deck I can come here to say, volunteering for a race is so rewarding!!!


                            11 miles today, with 8.4 miles at fast pace. Then was spending most of the day volunteering at the  race!!!



                            Followed by a BBQ with some friends and many "other kids" Life is full of fun!!!

                            "Champions are everywhereall you need is to train them properly..." ~Arthur Lydiard

                            MM #6177

                              Relating to a discussion from last week, a follow up on the one and possibly only NY-NJ Ironman event: article