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Toasty Tuesday, July 17 (Read 446 times)

Mr. Chip & Mizz Rizzo

    And the heat wave continues ......


    Not even the dogs wanted to get up when the alarm went off at 4:50 this morning.   I finally made it out of bed though, and slogged through 3 miles in the humid 80° temps.   Looks like we will miss out on any rain this week too.  


    {{{Super Granny & Karin}}} 


    The Light at the end of the Tunnel marathon sounds like a great time!


    So excited for Holly going out to Alaska!! 


    That's about all I remember ..... oh wait .... a baby Koi picture ... you can see about 5 of them and a couple of adults too....


    ETA:   A video of the feeding frenzie and sounds of the waterfall......




    "My sunshine doesn't come from the skies,
    It comes from the love in my dog's eyes."


      Good Morning Mary, Masters & Boomers (I’m from the old Boomers and Beyond forum on Cool Running),


      I’ve finally got back into running and this forum is what kept me motivated in the past, so I’m back again. 


      Even though I am not a racer, I have picked a couple of races as goals; a local 10K in 8 ½ weeks and a Half Marathon in Hill City, SD two weeks after that.  We’ll see about that for sure later.  I think I really need a coach, but I do have someone to encourage me.  She used to be a personal trainer and now does worship at our church. She is 4 months pretnant and I can barely keep up with her and the jogging stroller!


      Anyway, I haven’t had time to read the posts, but will try to catch up later.  I have missed everyone.  I ran a total of 16 miles in all of June and over 16.6 this past week, so I feel good about that.


      Mary, my alarm went off at 4:50 this morning too!  I had 5 goals:

      1. to get up on time
      2. to run the lake (4.72 miles) without stopping,
      3. to not get passed by anyone running
      4. to get to work on time,
      5. to be the first to post on RA. 

      Well, 4 out of 5 isn’t bad.  I’m not a morning running, but with this heat it’s the only way.   


      Stay cool everyone.

      Starr in MN

      Mr. Chip & Mizz Rizzo

        Starr - welcome back!!!!     If you want to be the first one to post, you almost have to do it before you go out and run, as Jay is the early bird around here!     I can't remember the last time I started the thread.  Wink     Good to read you are back out running.  


        "My sunshine doesn't come from the skies,
        It comes from the love in my dog's eyes."


          Good morning Mary!  It's cool that you have baby Koi.  We have a big Waterscape area at our place in MI., but no fish.  Just tadpoles.


          Welcome back Starr!  I remember you from CoolRunning days.


          I got up and decided to Bike for 20 miles.  But at about mile 6 my rechargable Headlight went out, so I headed home early.  Not good to ride around blindly in the dark.  12.4 miles Biking.  So with the extra time I ran 2.5 miles at a pretty decent clip.  Felt strong so went with it.  It was a little cooler this morning 74° (though quite humid), so the running felt easier.


          I mentioned a few weeks ago that DD1 was going away for a while to get her Bottle problems behind her.  She's doing well - 16 days sober and feeling good.  She wants to start jogging and wants me to run a race with her.  So I guess I will send her the Couch to 5K program or Higdon's Novice plans.  But given its the middle of July already, she may not have enough weeks this season.  (She lives near Dayton.)  Holly, do you know of any late season 5K's or 10K's in your area?



          "Some are the strong, silent type. You can't put your finger on exactly what it is they bring to the table until you run without them and then you realize that their steadiness fills a hole that leaks energy in their absence." - Kristin Armstrong

            ...YAY Starr is back/////




   up this morning at the Crack of 6.


            26min poolrun,

            double weight sessions today


            we've had

             no rain here 52 out of the last 60 days,,

            ,,,,,,of course last week

             it rained EVERY day


            ( I guess

             the WeatherMan had one day left over,


            wasn't a MathMajor in college))


            hiking tomorrow...............ohboyohboy



            ...................good running guys...............Keep Pluggin' Starr......

            ..nothing takes the place of persistence.....

              Welcome back Starr! I do remember you from the CR days. Good luck with your training. Having a personal trainer will definitely help - wish I had/could afford one.


              Great picture Mary! The babies look like litle goldfish. Oh wait - aren't koi and goldfish from the same family? Blush


              (((Super Granny))) Prayers to your family Karin.


              It sounds like your DD is doing well Bill. Wouldn't it be great to run a race with her?


              Well, I'm not as tough as Mary and Starr. Already 81° at 5:00 with high humidity so I wimped out and went to the Y. I did 5 miles on the eliptical and ran 3 miles around their small track. The tight turns were bugging my right knee so I called it quits at 3, then did 45 minutes of weights, stability and bosu ball and core work. Feeling sufficiently sweaty and ready to take on the day.


              Have a great "toasty Tuesday" everyone.

                Holly's going to Alaska?!?...


                I'm very behind in the daylies. We just returned from a family get-a-way. Rented a nice little log cabin in Wisconsin, floated on the river, ate a bunch of walleye, bike riding, horseback riding...just simple stuff. Our oldest two were able to join us for the weekend which made a rare occasion to have the whole family sleeping under one roof.


                DW and I are planning on going to Alsaka year for our 25th.


                I've got 4 days of work and then I'm off for another week. It's time for RAGBRAI...pedal my bike across the state of Iowa, eat a lot of pie, drink a lot of beer, have lots of laughs and meet some really cool people...along with an occasional butt-hole but you'll always have them.


                For those of you I'm freinds with on FB, keep an eye out and I'll try to post the work / family friendly adventures. Wink


                K, I'll try not to be a stranger the rest of the week but don't look for me here after Friday.


                Great Running All !!!


                  Welcome back Starr. Rest day today as the mercury climbs. Went to the Y ( like many others) and swam and did yoga. My 16 year old GS comes in tomorrow for close to a week of family get-togethers. My DD and SIL arrive on Saturday. Should be fun.

                  Shirtless wonder

                    Welcome back Starr...I think I remember you from CoolRunning days as well.  But then I can't even remember my old forum name so maybe I am just being delusional. Blush When Active took over they forced me to take new I forgot my old one.


                    Out for 4.23 warm and humid miles this morning with temps around 71F.  Except for operator error on my GPS, it was a quick tempo run with average pace about 7:30-7:40 min miles.


                    Have a great day all.


                    Nulla camisia et nulla problematum 


                      Just in case you haven't missed me, I've been away. Dad was up from FL with out a lot of notice. Very rarely do I have to work a Saturday. This was one of them. I got nearly everything done before hand and now that I'm a key carrier (every employee is now. No big deal), I was able to get in early and out as the household was waking up. As Dad had gotten lost a few times on the way back to my sister's, I fear this will be his last solo long trip.


                      Sunday, DW and I were at a different Church. I saw a couple, one of whom was wearing a race shirt from the Ryan Shay memorial race. After mass I introduced myself and sure enough, it was Mr Shay's parents. I told them about the number of people in this merry band of runners had dedicated their runs to the young man and how he and the family were in the thoughts and prayers during the runs. Mrs. Shay had tears of gratitude and Mr Shay asked if DW and I would be able to make it at the next memorial race. I wouldn't be surprised. 


                      Last night, after work,  DW and I did data entry for the local conservation district. We use their trails and it doesn't hurt to give time. When we were done, we grabbed Avenger Doggie and then got Honey and put in twilight miles. One out. Two jumps into Shrinkage Creek. One mile back.


                      Today AD and I did 5K.




                      (((((Super Granny)))))


                      I've had a pack of coyotes rummage through our camp site at night. We heard them off in the distance. Then as they came closer. When they got to the camp site, they were very quiet. All we heard were multiple foot steps and sniffing.Coyotes occasionally breed with domestic dogs. The "coydogs" can look very much like coyotes, but have little fear of people. Though I wouldn't worry about them, if I came across them on a regular basis, I'd have an air horn. DW may offer up a different opinion, I'm not loud enough to scare them off any more.


                        Getting close to 100°.  I feel like I am under house arrest.  Too hot to leave.


                        I ran a few miles this morning.  I'm in a little bit of a mini-slump still.  No mojo.  My heart rate has been a little screwy too.  Is it the heat, the material in the shirts I was wearing, a bad battery in the strap, or the new cholesterol medicine?


                        I changed the battery in the strap and it should be in the 50's Thursday morning, so I'll wear an old shirt and see if I still have trouble.

                        And so it goes

                          Great marathon and get together, with pictures,  for tet (sub 6 hours and negative splits by nearly half an hour), dove, mari (sub 4), franc, and SRL (#333).  Twocat, I got a chuckle out of your phrase, "shamble in jet lagged induced state".  I relate to that but haven't been on a jet.  CNY, so sorry to hear SG had to go to the ER.  My thoughts are with her and the family.  Mike, it sounds like your family dominated that race.  hopeful, neat video of the koi and baby koi.  Starr, it's so great to hear from you.  Good luck on your comeback and keep on posting.


                          Nice long runs for evan and wild.


                          This morning, it was almost 80°, there was some wind, and it was humid.  Until I saw the weather forecast last night, I was hoping to try for 6 or 7 miles.  I decided that 5 would be a more reasonable goal and I took water which I don't normally do.  I finished with an 11:01 pace. 


                          Tomorrow, I will go to East Lansing to work the sidewalk sales at the running store where I participated in their winter sale.  I had so much fun last time I'm really looking forward to it.  I'll crash on my daughter's couch for the 3 nights I'll be there.  She and her boyfriend have plans for a neat restaurant on Thursday.


                          A good day and good runs for all.



                            Welcome back Starr.


                            Those fish are kewl.  Do they eat the babies?  I hope not.


                            Ran 4.2 miles in a muggy 65F, carrying a 25 pound bag of wet cement with me, or so it felt that way.

                            "During a marathon, I run about two-thirds of the time. That's plenty." - Margaret Davis, 85 Ed Whitlock regarding his 2:54:48 marathon at age 73, "That was a good day. It was never a struggle."

                              ...steveP//..........we not only missed you,


                               we've been placing bets on when you would get back from Your Secret Mission for The Government





                              (of course

                              we weren't sure if it was OUR Government)

                              ..nothing takes the place of persistence.....

                              Back on Stride

                                Starr -- wow! -- a blast from the past. But you'll fit right in with all of the old (and new!) crowd here.


                                Tom, we all know that East Lansing is Party City! I thought that couches there were for putting on front lawns and setting on fire. Better watch where you're sleeping.


                                I decided against my normal Tuesday bike ride today simply due to the extreme H&H. Based on the last couple of weeks, I can get through an activity like that OK, but then never seem to quite recover for the rest of the day. Just a general "punk" feeling that persists and then I can't wait to get to bed early. But the forecasts for the rest of the week look much better.


                                So instead I went to the OU rec center, did a set on the weight machines, then a half hour doing laps in the pool. I'm still rehabilitating my left shoulder, but it seemed to go a lot better today with no residual soreness (so far). I made it a point to take it easy on it this time, so maybe it's finally coming around and I can get back to my intended swimming program.


                                Take care in the heat if you have it, and appreciate it if not.

                                Doug, Runnin' in Rochester, MI