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Finally, Friday's Daily - 6.7..13 (Read 43 times)


    Mornin' everyone.


    Good for you for going Garmin-free, Kevin. Weird, isn't it? So, nervous excitement is starting to set in? Good!


    Tramps,we can always tell when a hawk is in the area because the chipunks go into hiding. They have an aversion to being a meal. Congrats on getting your 10er done yesterday, even though your body was (rightly so) complaining.


    Glad your legs are back, Mariposai. How nice of DH to invite you for a run!


    Jlynne, it is always good to hear from you under any circumstances. Sorry you are back on the DL, but I hope that ends soon.


    Nice shot of the turkey and turklets, Dave. I heard one yesterday, and he sounded like someone hitting a hollow piece of wood with a hammer. What a strange sound. I think he might have been lost, and was looking for the rest of the flock.


    Tselbes, have a good time with the kids in Ludington, whichever race you decide to do.


    Tammy, if you want to get up and out early in the morning, don't think about it - just do it. Thinking at that hour almost always includes reasons to stay in bed.


    Funny, Tet... Thanks for forging the link to Rosemary.


    Dave, I've read that the more quickly you can treat shingles, the less likely that they will get as bad as they've been known to get. I hop you caught yours early enough.


    Another greta fleet-footed photo, Carolyn! Gorgeous.


    TomW - you beat the website?? Sorry about the leg hurt.


    Enke, nice run in the "cool pool" yesterday! Could'a been the beers that showed up in your HR. "GC" is gift certificate.


    Nice double yesterday, CNY, including one with Hudson. I'm sure you made his day (and visa versa).


    Holly, DW is one of 14, and she has 7 aunts/uncles. Can you imagine the nephews/nieces, cousins, and in-laws (or, as we are affectionately called - out-laws)? Their family has the east coast covered, and go as far west as Texas.


    Twocat, I'm mystified about why town zoning would require you to have a fenced back yard? Do you keep wild animals back there? Bummer about the stove, but I hope it leads to some new eating adventures this weekend.


    Mike - not all that much of a difference between some of your "speed" and "recovery" segments out there - yowsa!


    Divechief - does your air conditioner know Twocat's stove? When is anyone ever happy about an AC unit dying?? I hope it's not too hot there this weekend.


    Rest day for me today, and I stayed in bed, snoozing, till 5:30! Two nighttime meetings in a row must have done me in. I have a 10K tomorrow in what is threatening to be a downpour - guess I'll take some dry clothes for afterward.


    Have a greta Friday!



    Without ice cream there would be darkness and chaos.


      Jay - it's not fair to follow you- can't top that so can only say ++++ to all you said and good luck tomorrow. market day is always a fun race altho not sure with the weather we're having.


      the rains were originally going to come in this afternoon, but then the weather people changed,so i ended up running 6 after 6 pm, which meant dinner around 8:30.  earlier we had biked around 15 miles, so  needless my legs were tired, but looking outside now i'm really happy i got sent out.


      have a wonderful day and good luck to all racers this w/e!



        I might see a fox or possibly a den of foxes once, maybe twice a year.


        This morning, just 2 blocks from my house a fox dashed across the road. Within 800 yards of that another was tugging on a bag of trash that had been set out. When I hit my first mile marker I saw another fox trotting along the river bank. All adults.


        In just a little more than 2 weeks and DW and I will be heading to Alaska! Can't wait. In 25 years we have never took a significant trip together. We have never been together and away from the house for more than 4 days...I'm getting pretty excitied.

          Good Friday morning everyone. Let's just give the job of "daily recap" to Jay. He does such a good job.


          How's retirement Marj? I'm still getting up at 4:30 out of habit but the last few days the weather has been so crummy I've been crawling back in bed. Nice to have that option Smile


          Hi Slo! I missed seeing you and the family for the Cellcom this year. Think you might ever come back? Have a great time in Alaska and take lots of pictures. I hear you can see Russia from there Wink


          Hey Dave - sorry about the shingles diagnosis. Once you get them, you're more likely to get them again so be sure to get the shot. I've had them twice - running off my spinal column. It felt like someone literally kicked me in the back. Very painful stuff.


          45 minutes on the ARC trainer this morning, then 20 minutes of laps and 30 minutes of pool running. I got a prescription for some anti-inflammatories which are helping and another PT session scheduled for this morning. I'm going to suck it up, swallow my pride and walk that 10k tomorrow. The weather is supposed to be perfect.


          DH and I are playing 18 holes this afternoon. After a week of rain and temps in the low 50's, it's actually supposed to warm up. Have a great day everyone.

            ....dave59//............if that Shingles even LOOKS like it getting more into the eye............CALL THE DOC IMMEDIATELY.........


            don't mess

            around with this, seriously

            ..nothing takes the place of persistence.....




              How's retirement Marj? I'm still getting up at 4:30 out of habit but the last few days the weather has been so crummy I've been crawling back in bed. Nice to have that option Smile


              I used to wake up around 5:30 or 6 without an alarm.  I'm now up in the 6;30 - 7 time frame and enjoying it.  we're also up later - often past 10 - i used to stay up past 9:30.  today is the first day of crummy weather, so i've been lucky.

                No running for me, but here is my update.  The doctor had me a little scared yesterday when he said having shingles around your eye can lead to permanent damage and loss of sight.  Shingles goes after your nerves (which is why they can be so painful) and that includes the optic nerve.  Also, people can get scabs on their cornea which will take away your vision in that eye.  All night long I kept waking up and I would look out my eye to see if there was any change (blurriness.)  This morning when I woke up, my eye was pretty much swollen shut.  I took a couple Advil and a shower and I was able to get it halfway open.  (And my vision was clear.)

                I had an appointment with an ophthalmologist this morning and she said my eye is fine and it would be extremely rare for anything to happen at this point.  (By the way - if you get shingles and you get a scab on your nose - run to the doctor.  That is usually when the eye is involved.)  The reason for the increased swelling is that the shingles virus caused a regular old infection, so she gave me an antibiotic to take with my anti-viral medicine.  I'll be a walking pharmacy for the next 10 days.  The eye doc also gave me a prescription cream for the scabs which will help keep them from getting infected. 

                I was so relieved that my eye is ok that I feel great now.  So far, no intense pain, but I have the hydrocodone at the ready. Wink

                And so it goes

                  Dave, I know very little about shingles other than it's painful, so I googled it and read a bit about it.  I did have chickenpox as an 8th grader, and I have a history of getting cold sores, maybe once or twice a year (usually if I get a sunburn, or eat too much dark chocolate, which can also trigger it), which is a dormant herpes virus also, so I'm probably one of those potential candidates for shingles at some point. It was helpful to know what the early signs/symptoms are. I'm glad you had your eye checked out and it seems to be okay today. that would have really freaked me out too. I hope all these meds you are on make shingles go away as quickly as possible and cause the least amount of discomfort.


                  went for a walk with the dogs last night. It was still so warm at even 10 pm last night but I still turned off A/C and opened up windows. Got up at 1 a.m. with one of the dogs who needed to go out and was surprised that was STILL warm out.   It's supposed to be mid 80's at the coast tomorrow which is a rarity for the Oregon coast, so I think we'll take a day trip out there.


                    Nice Recap Jay!

                    Dave, glad you had that looked at.  Stbx had shingles in his twenties, then whenever he was under a lot of stress, would get a flare-up - mostly around his spine/back and sides.  Did sound painful.  You have been under a lot of work pressure right?  Time to kick back I hope.  Now about Breger....I need to read back a few days to see what is going on there.


                    No run this morning, enjoyed that extra sleep.  Probably will do the club run tomorrow.  Then a weekend of paperwork and yardwork planned.  If I don't make much headway on the yardwork, I'm going to have to hire someone.  The bunnies like the wilderness aspects of the yard though....

                    "During a marathon, I run about two-thirds of the time. That's plenty." - Margaret Davis, 85 Ed Whitlock regarding his 2:54:48 marathon at age 73, "That was a good day. It was never a struggle."

                      Mustang Sally other than it is pouring out right now barbecue pizza would probably be pretty good!


                      coastwalker the fencing requirement has to do with the pool the prior owners of the house put in.  There are other options but the back yard perimeter fence seemed like the best one, even if it cut us off from the baby turkeys.  Sad


                      Slo_Hand we had a fox den near our house a few years ago.  The baby fox were very cute!


                      Dave59 I hope the news about your shingles only keeps going in the good direction.


                      No running for me today since I ran yesterday.  Tomorrow morning looks like it will be a wash out.  I am hoping it clears out in the afternoon.


                      For those of you that like to listen to music as you run and hate headset wires I have been using a pair of Bluetooth Motorola S10-HD.  Unlike my prior Motorola S8 and S9's as well as my Jabra set these are holding up nicely.  They have survived rain and sweat.

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                        Saw a fox in the checkout line of the supermarket this afternoon but she paid no attention to me.


                        Got home yesterday afternoon after quite a successful business trip in Portland, OR.  Winejunkie was mad I didn't contact him but I was pretty booked up.  Great running there.  It was light at 5 a.m.


                        Some admin/clean up work this morning but now I'm done for the day and will nap.  Today is Prime Rib's 25th b'day.  So proud of him.  Spareribs


                          tried to post a pic that didn't work.........

                            I was so relieved that my eye is ok that I feel great now.  So far, no intense pain, but I have the hydrocodone at the ready. Wink

                            Dave -  I was catching up and saw your posts from Wed/Thurs and was sitting here getting anxious until I read the one that said you went to the dr.  I kept thinking - please say you are going to the dr!!  At first I was thinking serious allergic rxn but shingles makes sense - it travels along a nerve line and can be very painful and yes dangerous near the eyes.  Sounds like you are heading in the right direction with meds and I hope it continues to heal quickly with little pain!!


                            I pulled my 1st  all-nighter in a long time volunteering at the all night grad party where all 4 of my sons have graduated from - this is my last year volunteering for the whole night even tho it was fun ..... next year just a few hours!!  Today was 50's and rainy and I just coudnt bring myself to run outside in that so went to Planet Fitness and had a very productive workout!!

                            5.5 miles on the treadmill with 6 sets of 1/2 mile's at a 5k pace followed by 1/4 mile recovery, cooldown, 20 min arc trainor, then abs/planks/squats/upper body and stretching!!  So thankful to be feeling so good right now!!


                            Have a wonderful Friday night my friends and GOOOOOOOO BRUINS!!  Big grin



                              Same weather as Deez. Went to the Y,soaked in the spa and swam. Have been swimming every Friday for the last month and realized that lately I've swam more than I have for most of my life. I didn't really learn to w swim until 10 years ago. Great cross training.

                              JLynne, I'm also sleeping longer since Marj retired!

                              Dave, glad you're being treated. I received the vaccine several years ago.

                                Dave, glad to read that report.

                                Deez4boys, those all niters are fun. I did volunteer while my sons were graduating. A rather memorable experience.


                                I am glad to see that Spareribs is back to Texas! Sorry to hear that you did not connect with Winejunky.


                                Sunny week here. It was about 70 at 5:30 today when I went for my first longish run post marathon last week. 7 miles for me under clear sky. I saw my first rattler this morning. Ohh and two new birds that I have never seeing before. Next time I run in that loop I will be bringing my bird book because I want to find out what type of bird it is.


                                Cute baby turkey picture!


                                Jlynne, take care!


                                Off to decorate yet another wedding cake.

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