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Thursday Jan. 10th Master/Boomer Runs (Read 687 times)

    All's right with the universe. Brunger's back starting the daily threads. Yes A nice easy 5 mile recovery run at 9:17 min/mile pace. Beautiful morning, nice temps. This one was enjoyable. Bill

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    i'm lovin' it... MM#1949

      Good morning Breeger and others to come! Nice easy one like yours breeg. 4 Magical Healing Miles with Tory and a few strides thrown in. (9:52 pace, AHR 145). Nice 40F and clear sky. Have great runs!

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        Good Morning! Nice runs to start us out, Breger and Perch. JJJessie – all those LRs with bike rides at either end – you must be in fabulous shape! SirWalksaLot – nice windy 14-miler yesterday. Dark Horse – we bought the 3 Bourne movies as well, which is unusual for us. Mostly I get all our movies from the library for free, and only rarely buy one to keep. No run for me today – x-training instead: Lunges R&L, weighted duck squats, glute raises, front raises R&L, bent rows, bench dips, reverse flies, 13-minute ab/core video. Happy Thursday!

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          WooHoo! I got out of bed and ran today!!! Big grin 3.85 miles - slow 11 m/m pace as I struggled to get home (bathroom issues). Oh well - it is not the pace it is the fact that I was out there that counts. 300 crunches 40 push ups I think I'll be feeling those crunches later on - it's been a while!! Shocked Cheers! ~Mary


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            I'm so excited....second run with no calf pain Big grin. 8 miles - 1:13 - 9 minute pace. I was kinda scared to run because I don't want the pain to return, but I am trying to be smart about it. I actually figured out that I kept stretching my hurt calf thinking that would help....that's a big no no huh? I only ice and just leave it alone to heal up. There is a time to stretch....and a time not to! Goods runs all, and have fun cross trainging Holly. Have a great day all, Tim

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              Good morning Everyone 4 miles this morning in 39:05 Mike

              Hill Runner

                Good morning everyone, Steve, it was raining down here in the southern part of the state this morning... Smile 9.02 miles of hillis @ 9:14 pace (150AHR). I almost didn't run this morning because it started to shower pretty heavily just as I was going out but then it stopped....then started up again as I was running. I don't mind running in the rain as long as I don't start out running in the rain....LOL.

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                  Morning, All! Bill - nice to see you at the top of the pile again! Mary - good for you! Sorry about the bathroom issues - I hate it when that happens! Erika, - 360 miles from your closest Great Harvest!!! I'll stop whining about being 28 miles from mine. I hadn't thought about splitting the loaves before freezing. Duh! Tim - sounds like the calf if coming along - good deal! No workout this morning - first day of my two-day taper for Disney. Yoga scheduled for noon. The puppy goes to her pet resort this afternoon - a blessedly quiet evening alone with my husband ;-). Our flight was rescheduled for a 6:00 AM departure tomorrow which translates into 2:30 AM wake up time for us. Oh well, it's good practice for getting up at 3:00 AM for the races Saturday and Sunday. Good luck to the other Boomers running Disney! Good runs to all!

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                    Good luck to the Disney racers. That was my first half in 2005, and I remember it fondly. I'd like to go back and do the full sometime. 8.31 miles today in 1:18:39 for a sproinky 9:28 pace. I was pretty slow Tuesday and Wednesday, so I was glad to feel the return of a little peppiness. Just realized I had a typo in my RA training log for Sunday's 16 mile long run, and it showed an unlikely pace of 9:16. I feel like such a fraud! Now corrected to show 9:54. These public logs are a bit of a burden.

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                      Good Thursday morning Boomers, and good luck to Sue and all the other Disney runners. I know there's a saying "break a leg," but I don't think that's a good one for Boomers running a marathon! 6.3 miles in 59:10 this morning. Still trying to work through the sore ankle issue. Overcast and 23F with 2-3 inches of snow predicted for tonight. Was just getting used to running on clear roads again and NOT ON THE TREADMILL. Holly, with all the core work you do, your abs must look like the woman in Runners World magazine this month! Mary - welcome back. You're on your way to 1,000 in 2008. Preparing for an onslaught of company coming to town for the football game on Saturday. Must go clean now. Good runs, all.

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                        Holly, with all the core work you do, your abs must look like the woman in Runners World magazine this month!
                        Well, I could only find them under the layer of holiday flab, they prolly would look pretty good... Big grin Why do all those ab workout videos have to include planks? They must be really good for you, because I hate them so much...Smile Today's variation was a plank, on both elbows, where you slowly lifted one elbow to the side, switching off. Those are tough!

                        Life is a headlong rush into the unknown. We can hunker down and hope nothing hits us or we can stand tall, lean into the wind and say, "Bring it on, darlin', and don't be stingy with the jalapenos."

                          Good Morning folks, Today was supposed to be a rest day for me, but one of my neighbors didn't want to run solo this AM and she is just getting back into running after many months of recovering from a serious automobile accident. I was honored to go along. We ran 3 miles at 12 minute pace and chattered away. (6 AM and 28F) Good Luck to all the racers this weekend! I ran the full marathon at Disney in 2003 and then the 1/2 in 2004, 2005 and 2006. It was great fun and we turned it into a family trek (the kiddo is too old to pull out of school now, but the memories are great). The costumed characters like Goofy and Pluto don't speak, so it was odd at first to just see them waving along the course and not saying anything---a bit like a David Lynch movie. Good Luck as well to those heading to Phoenix and Houston and all the other great racing venues. I can't wait to read the reports! CNYrunner
                            Conventional wisdom told me not to get up early and run this morning since I have a ML run scheduled this afternoon, but my "gut feeling" got me out of bed for a quick, mind healing 2 miles on 4 inches of fresh snow. As my feet were gliding on the new mind was soaring like an eagle. Oh the magic of running. Where is Spareribs now days?. Good luck to our weekend racers---stay focus, stay light and fly with the wind!!!

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                              The PNW rain eased up enough for me to get my 5 miles in and a 1 mile cooldown walk...
                              Looking for a place to Happen, making stops along the way - The Hip
                                4 miles on the treadmill, 1% incline, at 8:59 pace. Dark Horse
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