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This is Rediculous! I am Starting the Sunday Daily at Noon EDT! (Read 338 times)

    Man, I go running with my Zombies, Run! app turned on and I come home and it turns out there was an actual zombie apocalypse!  How else to explain how at noon, yes NOON on the east coast I can be starting the daily!  Confused  Well since I am I can report in 10 miles on my first run in a week.  So far so good with the ankle.  More after the shout outs.


    Spareribs best of luck with your race.  Although somehow you never need any!


    Hemerocallus maybe "be nice to me or I will get you canned" would work better?  Just wondering.  Wink


    evanflein that reminds me you wanted us to periodically remind you not to sign up for a fall marathon.  Or was that not to sign up for one in addition to Boston, or . . . Big grin


    pfriese congratulations on the HM.


    OrangeMat wow what a trophy!  I hope you have a mantle to display it on!


    fatozzig need address.  Wink  Very cute pictures yesterday.  You looked good then and now.  Not sure about those avatars though.


    Mike E see if this helps, "Nice run Mikey, nice run."


    More on zombies.  I tell you my cell phone was listening to the dialog and then picking songs today.  For real.  Here is how the app works.  It is like a book on tape.  There is a plot and little stories to go with them.  During your run there is some dialog, generally from the base and generally directed to you.  Then the dialog ends and the app picks from your music collection.  I have it set on random but playlist is an option.  All the while there is some chance you will pick up some supplies that the base needs or you will hear "Warning zombies 100 meters."  The former is just information.  The latter tells you to start running fast or the zombies will catch you.  If they do, you lose one of the goodies you picked up so far.  Fortunately the price of the app buys mortality from zombies.  Too bad it does not extend to bikes and cars but that I guess is a bit much to ask for under $10.  At the start of this mission the base has lost track of me, night is coming and there are zombies all over.  First song up, "The Distance" by Cake.  If you got to outrun zombies that sure seems like the right motivation!  Finally, at the mission's close I am back safe and sound at the base and up comes Smash Mouth's "Walkin on the Sun."  A party song if ever there was one!

    Live like you are dying not like you are afraid to die.

    Drunken Irish Soda Bread and Irish Brown Bread this way -->

      Good afternoon Twocat,


      Congrats on the 10 miles


      Went easy w/DW for 10.6 hilly miles very nice sunny 44 degree morning

      Pumpkin donut as our reward  Smile


      Twocat my club membership is $25 per year with about 2 for national dues and 6 for insurance the rest pays for small prizes about 3 or 4 times per year, weekly cabin rentals in the winter with coffee cookies bagels etc. , awards dinner (catered) in June, summer picnic with hot dogs and burgers provided. Those who attend club events get more than their $25 worth.    


      Have a Great Day! 

      Courage ! Do one brave thing today...then run like hell.

      King of PhotoShop

        Thanks TC. I ran 24:40, (7:57's) so I guess I am still a bit tired from the 20K last week.  I didn't hang around for the award ceremonies so I don't know how I did. Big race though. It was the Plano Balloon Fest, so there were all these hot air balloons (yes, Remax had two of them) and it was more a spectator event with a race thrown in, rather than a race with a Balloon Side Show. Huge crowds.  The balloons began their ascent just before the start, so the runners could see them during the race.  Bright, clear day, so it was awesome.


        And the reason no one is posting today is that it's a huge day for football!


        The book "Wise Guy" was the basis for what Martin Scorsese film?  Spareribs

        MM #6177

          Sounds like some good tunes there, Twocat. "The Distance" is one of my favorites. Of course I don't listen to music anymore when I run, so I kind of miss it....


          Maybe everyone else is still out doing their long runs? There are only a few of us out here on the East Coast, you know...


          I ran 13 miles today. Had a bit of a late start, almost 9:30, which is pretty much where my overall pace ended up being as well. Actually, most of my long runs have settled into that pace 9:20 to 9:30, yet there's been discussion as to whether I'm running too fast in terms of my heart rate. Personally, I feel fine during my runs, and can have a decent conversation throughout, but today I wore my HRM just to know for sure. It read 47 as I drove to the park (as usual), 60 when I was standing next to the car (as usual) and 80 when I started to walk from the parking to the path (same). Within running 20 paces, comfortable and easy, it was up to 138. Average ended up being 159, with a max of 170. Granted, my legs felt a little trashed because I had raced yesterday (that was the plan), but effort-wise it really wasn't any different than any other long run I've done lately. So I really don't know what to do. I would slow down during the run but my HR stayed the same. Slow down more, and it would just be more tiresome to run and feel sluggish, so that wasn't good either. Opinions, anyone??


          Hope all the racers and weekend runners are having a great day today!


          MTA: Congrats Spareribs!

          Marathon Maniac #957

            Just got back from reading yesterday's thread. I was so busy uploading photos from Alaska and writing my RR that I didn't look in yesterday.  Turns out a couple of the photos I used in my RR were already posted by Erika, but that's okay, I just added to them.


            OM - awesome racing!


            LMRosie and Sister Rose - awesome racing as well!


            Leslie - loved the pics!


            Ribs - football?  What's that?  Big grin


            Yesterday I ran an easy-paced 4 miles before heading over to a fundraiser for the woman who babysat my kids before they got old enough to stay home.  This summer she discovered she had breast cancer, had a double mastectomy and is currently getting chemo treatments.  Because of the medical bills and the fact she can no longer work, they are losing their house, and a fundraiser was being held to help pay rent for the months ahead until her treatments and the next two surgeries are done.


            Then off to DD's soccer game, golfing with DH in the afternoon, church in the evening, and that was my Saturday.  Not quite as busy as Mariposai's but almost. 


            I intended to do a MLR this morning, but slept late and fixed a big breakfast for the family and only ended up running 8 miles.  No big deal as this is technically a recovery week anyway.


            Happy Sunday!

            Life is a headlong rush into the unknown. We can hunker down and hope nothing hits us or we can stand tall, lean into the wind and say, "Bring it on, darlin', and don't be stingy with the jalapenos."

            King of PhotoShop

              It means that you are in very good shape OM. Don't worry.


              I won.  Spareribs

                Spareribs as expected.  Congratulations!


                Today I received my official I am in the Boston Marathon Confirmation email!  Big grinBig grinBig grin  Now remember if I die between now and then get some RAers together so my casket so you do not lose my casket on the way down the hills and then can make it up them as well!  This year I am traveling the course one way or the other!


                Does anything travel by snail mail anymore?

                Live like you are dying not like you are afraid to die.

                Drunken Irish Soda Bread and Irish Brown Bread this way -->

                  Nice job, Spareribs. Recovery or not.


                  Twocat, noon eastern time is still 8 a.m. my time, and I wasn't even out of bed yet! Big grin And the request was to remind me to not sign up for a SPRING marathon. When it's -40 outside, I don't want to have to worry about "having" to get a long run done!


                  OM, I don't worry about HR much, I go by perceived effort. My heartrate seems to be higher than most when running and thinking about it just makes running not as much fun. So I don't think about it. Every now and then I do wear it just for fun, and end up with results similar to yours. When Byllger posts about running a bunch of miles with a 132 avg, I can't fathom how he does that. I can exceed that just walking up the driveway.


                  More house and yard work on tap today, with a run of some distance to be determined later. Gotta love plan-less running!

                  Shirtless wonder

                    Race day for me.  This morning was the Alternative Half Marathon.  At start of race 9AM temps were 54F, a little windy and partially cloudy.  Not sure how many runners in race, estimated to be about 100 runners.  Race started in waves and I was in the second wave.  Course went from Washington Crossing to New Hope, PA and then back again.   The entire route was on the D&L towpath, i.e., the reason for the wave start.  Especially since towpath was open to other runners and bicyclists.  Also very narrow in spots. 


                     I started out too fast on the first mile or so but managed to get it under control by mile 2.  But still running at race pace.    I managed to catch runners in the first wave so thereby ensuring a 30 second lead on them.  Several times I started to slow but kept pace less than 8 min miles.  I also got passed a few times myself from behind, but not sure if they were from second wave or later.  I also passed a few of them later in race.


                    Overall time was 1:41:42.12 [unofficial from my GPS] for a average pace of 7:44 min miles.  As we were enjoying pizza and food afterwards, I learned I was 1st in my age group...WTH?  I was hoping to place  but not expecting a win.  The 2nd in my age group was in 1st  wave and I crossed finish right after him.  Or as he put it, "I stealthed him."  So much for tapering...Blush  I will be good rest of the taper.  Promise.



                    Twocat: congrats on Boston.

                    Spareribs: congrats on the win.

                    Sarge, Holly, OM - great running guys.


                    Nulla camisia et nulla problematum 


                      24min poolrun Saturdy


                      42min poolrun today..............not sure how my doc's ''LifeStyle Changes'' advise is going to go



                      so far it's Boring as Hell.


                      .......................good running to the rest of ya....

                      ..nothing takes the place of persistence.....

                        pfriese, nice half. OM, way to go with the 1st in AG (with picture). fatozzig, great picures from the past. ribs, good job in your 5K. holly, that's really sad about your former babysitter. shadow, congrats on 1st in AG in your half.

                        Nice long runs for fatozzig, Mike ( speedy progression run), Twocat, sarge (with wife), and OM.

                        This morning, it was agout 40F and there was a light wind. I got in 3 miles at a 10:08 pace.

                        A good day and good runs for all.


                          Greetings. Nice fall weather here... warm night but then breeze blew in. I ran 10-11 miles on the Manchester half course with a dear friend. Her  Dh is struggling with lung cancer, so  things have changed for her, and been rough. We had a nice run though.  Next weekend I am signed up for Smuttynose Half marathon, mostly to see where I am. no speed lately...

                            Howdy Do -


                            7 slow miles after church, then I washed windows while The Hub began the painting process.  Found out it isn't at easy as he thought it was going to be.  At the paint store, he had two difference brushes.  Me: "Is one of those for me?" Him: "No."  Me (just looking at him for a beat): "You don't trust me do you?"  Him: a sheepish look.   . . . . come to think of it, I should've sat my tail on the couch, ate bonbons, and watched movies while he was painting. Wink


                            Off to do transcription ~

                            Living and Running Behind the Redwood Curtain


                            Trail Runner Nation

                              12.1 miles today, on legs that were feeling all the crawling around yesterday, pulling out wild rose bushes by the roots. We call those just prickle bushes, and they are really industrious! I got tired of them and took my nippers and leather gloves out to wage war for awhile. There's still some there, but I was wiped out after a couple hours at it. Anyhow, today my glutes were tired and I didn't have much "oomph." The run was good for the first half, but on the way back I ran out of gas. DH met me about a mile from home and I happily climbed into the truck for a ride home. Smile

                              Bushrat Runner

                                Had intended to get out and shake the rust loose yesterday, but I really was still pretty messed up from the moose hunt/meat packing sleep deprivation cycle. I fell asleep early Friday, then snapped awake starving to death Saturday. Ate breakfast...which means it will be a while before I can run...then got talking to my FIL and he was interested in a flightsee for fall colors. We agreed to meet in a couple hours, but before that happened it started raining. Hard. Now there is no real problem with flying in the rain. But it has to be acknowledged that it isn't as good for sightseeing. And it can be a little hard on the paint job if it rains hard enough. So we agreed to talk later if the rain let up. 


                                The phone rang a few hours later, waking me up. The snapping awake part hadn't lasted the day very well, and I was sacked out on the couch. 


                                "It's sunny down here, what do you think?"


                                I craned my neck out the window..."looks good here too...I guess we ought to get going."


                                So we headed out and had a lovely evening flight, showed him the area where we hunted last weekend and then went up to the area where I've taken him a few times for day trips in the boat. And that is really about the only thing I did all day. 


                                But here is a sampling of the flight.







                                But enough of that failing to run was different. 




                                I had grand intentions of going for a good, solid, "get back into running now that summer and moose hunting are over," kind of a run. But I was too hungry to sail out the door after bible study, then somewhat soporific, though still awake, throughout the afternoon. Finally, dinnertime arrived. My DW served up stir fry...and I left. 


                                I thought about running 6 or 8 miles...but I decided that I wanted to establish the rhythm of including a run more than I needed to get any specific number of miles. So I went 2 miles with the faithful dog, running easy. So the running fast has been broken. Tomorrow the lunch begins. Or something like that. Horrible analogy...sorry...