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It's Friday! And this is the daily - 9.13.13 (Read 43 times)


    Mornin' everyone!


    Dave, I hope you didn't succeed with your coffee drinking goal yesterday - could be messy.


    Tramps, those hills scare me!


    Greta photo of Mariposai and Twocat yesterday! It's not often we see photos on this forum in which no one is dressed for running (which could be because it is a 'running' forum).  I'm glad the new homes on the CT shore are being built on stilts/pilings - very smart construction that will also help keep their flood insurance premiums down.


    I hope your 'charity' dinner went well last night, Ribs. Good for you for helping someone out at a difficult time in their lives.


    Good luck to Posi-son David. What an adventure for him!


    I don't know if I can get local honey, TomW. But there is a bit of local maple syrup in this state - would that do the trick?


    Denise, I'm glad you are making some headway with Justin. Good luck in Freeport, and I hope to see you too on Saturday afternoon.


    Starr, moving is never fun nor easy. Hang in, and this too shall pass.


    Wildchild, we saw some of the CO. flooding on the news last night - very scary! Be careful.


    David not only looks fast, he IS fast! Corgrats to him on the win and PR.


    We didn't make as much progress on our shed project as we hoped yesterday. Getting materials, getting set up, and reviewing the plans again was time consuming. But we got the site work done, and DW built a jig for cutting some of the 2 X 6s that we'll be using for floor joists. We both hope we'll get further along today. Got a gutter guy coming to give us an estimate for replacements this morning. I hope he's quick so we can get to work!


    Out at 4 o'dark for 6.1 racewalking miles in 65 muggy degrees. I made up the route as I went along - thank you, Garmin, for enabling me to do that. As I got closer to the ocean, the fog thickened up, the temperature dropped at least 5 degrees, and the air took on that wonderful briny, salt water smell. It started to rain too, but it was a gentle drizzle that was quite refreshing, and that held for the rest of the workout.


    Wishing big smiles, dry air and tail winds for all of this weekend's racers:

    09/14 fatozzig - Headlands 50M, Marin Headlands, San Francisco, CA

    09/14 wildchild - Elk Creek Trail Marathon, Conifer CO

    09/15 pfriese - Andy Payne Memorial Races Half Marathon - OKC, OK

    09/15 Marj & Marj DD - allstate boston 13.1, Boston MA

    09/15 HollyS - Erie Marathon at Presque Isle, Erie, PA

    09/15 CNYrunner -  Lone Gull 10k, Gloucester, MA

    09/15 tetsujin - Kirkland Sprint Triathon (WA = barefoot//barefoot/barefoot)



    Without ice cream there would be darkness and chaos.

      What a big racing weekend we have around here! Good luck to all!!!


      Late last night Team Rosie Ruiz fan club arrived to a resort town here is New Hampshire. Our team will start the race  at 2pm with runner 1 (me) running 8.9 miles. We will waste away the morning by decorating our vans.


      Thanks you all for your sweet comments about David! He is eager to start his journey.


      tammy, David rocks!

      "Champions are everywhereall you need is to train them properly..." ~Arthur Lydiard

        I’m envious of everyone in New Hampshire.

        Tammy—very cool about David’s continuing improvements and success.


        EZ 7 with striders this morning.  Temps were a little cooler but humidity was the usual 100%.  Maybe that promised dry air will arrive today.  I hope so.


        Go racers!

        King of PhotoShop

          That David is a natural Tammy.  Keep encouraging him, not that he needs it, but what a gift.


          Yes, the dinner for the afflicted family turned out great and the mom sent us a lovely thank you last night. I was relieved to get it, because you never know how some people will react to a given recipe.  Thanks Jay.


          I don't list my upcoming races, but tomorrow I will race for the 3rd weekend in a row, a local 5K.  The idea is to get ready for the 20K next week, so just 2.4 easy this morning with some pickups.  I'm ready to go.  Spareribs

            5.73 miles this morning.  Same loop as Monday and Wednesday just for the purpose of seeing how the Garmin does.  It recorded the distance exactly the same today as Monday, but my start and end spots (which is just my driveway) are a little different.


            Very impressive PR for David in the hot weather!


            Frost advisory for tonight, but I don't think it will get quite cold enough for frost here in town.


            There are times I can really relate to the Rat:


            Humanity runs on coffee.

              ...jay//...........I think anything that involves  Bees and Pollen is what you want.......




              way to go tammy//...........he had to learn that somewhere/////




              good running guys............Happy Programming dave///////

              ..nothing takes the place of persistence.....

              MM#209 / JapanJoyful#803

                lots of pride for two DS Davids yesterday.

                \ . . . . .                                      
                after yesterday at the a.q.u.a.r.i.u.m,, more last minute XT today with 4-yo GS at the z.o.o and s.w.i.m.m.i.n.g at G.r. e.e.n. . L.a.k.e in preparation Sunday's annual tri. .

                Did I mention GS likes spelling?

                Did I mention I haven't been swimming since last year's tri with mari's DS?

                Did I mention it's an open-water swim in Lake Washington?

                Did I mention it's deep?

                Did I mention it's supposed to be rainy and windy with chance of thunder and lightening?

                At least I took Dale out for  4 mile shake-down spin this morning. oh well.

                annual marathons since 1977, tri's since 1978, running barefoot (1990)

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                  I admit that, even with all that is going on, I still was still (rather selfishly) holding out hope that I could head off to Erie, PA with my 3 friends to run the Presque Isle Marathon Sunday.  I was really looking forward to a "girls weekend," and as my DH pointed out, I trained for this, everything has already been paid for, and my mom at this point would likely not have any idea.


                  However, I just can't get around it;  I cannot go.  If my mom had passed on Wednesday, say, and the funeral was today, then I would have gone. But she is still hanging on, barely. Hospice actually pulled out their crisis nurse today, and now there will only be a nurse at night there. The Hospice supervisor said that they are only there to treat symptoms, and apparently dying is not in itself a symptom. So they gave my stepdad liquid pain medicine to give her every two hours and said, "see you tonight." Anyway, I need to be here to help him out, or at least give him moral support.


                  What I can't believe is how long it took me to let go of running this marathon.  Sheesh!


                  No run for me this morning, either.

                  Life is a headlong rush into the unknown. We can hunker down and hope nothing hits us or we can stand tall, lean into the wind and say, "Bring it on, darlin', and don't be stingy with the jalapenos."

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                    Holly--you are very cool.

                      continued thoughts and prayers for you Holly. Such a tough emotional time right now.


                      Mariposai - will you have much contact with David while he's away? I so wish I would have done the Peace Corp when I was his age. I remember my mom trying to encourage that, but I just didn't want to at the time. One of my regrets.


                      thanks for the compliments on David's race. Mike - you asked if he led the whole way or not. As you know, you don't always see the entire race at a XC venue, but from where we were, we saw them pass near us about 3 times. At the start, he was front of the pack, but he's a disciplined runner, so he holds himself back and lets others who are all jacked up about the race, start at full throttle knowing full well they'll fade by 1/2 mile in! lol. At one point, I saw him from a distance about 2/3 of a mile in and he was with a small pack of about 6. Then when I saw him at about a mile, he was leading, with his teammate on his heels and one other kid hanging with them. Then I don't see him again until he's coming into the finish shoot and he had an easy lead on the guy from a neighboring school behind him. Last year, this guy was always just a second or two behind David.  we were disappointed at the finish of the meet because the host school did not have ribbons or awards for any of the kids and since we don't have enough runners on our team for a complete boys or girls team, we can never compete for points - just individual standings, so those ribbons would have meant ALOT to our kids. My DH is going to a local trophy store today to explain the situation and see if they can either give us a good deal or if they'd like to sponsor trophy for 1st-3rd places for the boys and girls. Our girls took 1st and 2nd and the 3rd place girl is at our rival MS, and our boys took 1st, 3rd, 4th, 10th, with the 2nd place boy at our other local (and rival) MS. Those kids ran their hearts out and deserve something tangible like ribbons or trophies.


                      Sayhey! MM#130

                        Holly, ditto Mike.  What you did took grace.  Thinking of you often.


                        David & David, kudos......and to the moms.

                        jon, be careful.....try to remember how!

                (for a piece or two of my mind)

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                          (((Holly)))  Sorry about the marathon, and sorrier about your mom.  You're in my thoughts.


                          Congrats to the two Davids and their proud moms!


                          Marj, you're doing retirement right - that dig sounds way cool.


                          It's stopped raining for the time being - feels like I live in Seattle or something.  We are not at risk of flooding here, but the rest of the front range of CO is a big mess, as I'm sure you've all seen on the news.  My race tomorrow is still on as of this morning - the race location is not in the flood area, it's in the mountains south of here, and most of the flooding is to the north.   But there's a 40% chance of more rain tomorrow so it'll probably be damp, and mid-60s for highs.


                          I ran 5 miles in the state park yesterday, and the trails weren't very muddy.  But I felt a weird pain in my left hamstring that I'm hoping is just phantom taper pain, and not something real.   Tomorrow will tell.

                          I hammered down the trail, passing rocks and trees like they were standing still.

                            {{{Holly}}}  and {{{Deez}}}


                            Tammy - Congrats to David!


                            Dave59 - Happy Day After Programmer's Day.


                            Great pic of Posie Lady and Twocat!  And Posie Lady - You have ever right to be very proud of your sons.  You've raised good human beings.


                            Jay - You can take me off the race list.  No races in my immediate future.  Dang tendonitis.  I am, however, pacing my buddy, Kate, the last 25 miles of the Mt. Lakes 100 at the end of the month.  I've never had the nerve to take on pacing duties before, but there's not a ton of climbing the last 25 miles, and I figured at 75 miles, she should be tired enough that I can keep up!


                            7.25 sticky miles this a.m.  And thank the Lord St. Joseph Hospital appeared on my route when it did.  Let's just say I took full advantage of bathroom services.  I must've looked pretty desperate (and I was) to the lady who pointed me in the right direction as she couldn't help but crack a smile that said, "I know what you're problem is." Blush


                            My co-worker's daughter is suffering very severely from postpartum depression.  She's been on meds for almost 3 months now, but they're not working.  Last weekend, she went down to the garage when everybody in the house was asleep and put a rope around her neck but didn't take it any further.  And she told on herself, which is good.  Yesterday she finally agreed to go into a facility to get help, although it's been less 24 hours and she already wants to go home.  Fortunately, they make you stay a minimum of 72 hours.  She told her mom that she feels like she traded her mind for her child.  The whole family could use some prayers.

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                              (((holly)))'re doing what's Right, instead of doing what's Easy..



                              ........always a tough decision

                              ..nothing takes the place of persistence.....


                                Still no running but as much walking as my legs can tolerate. Went to the Y today and swam- no pain but my legs ache a bit. Shows how out of shape I am, especially with a weight gain of about 8 pounds. Will keep plugging along.

                                (((Holly)) your feelings are appropriate and I agree, you're doing the best you can. Hang in.