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    So's I say, yesterday was a great day for a long workout.  Drove out to Old Natchez Trace and began my trip to Fly, Tennessee on my bicycle.  Coming back with 56 miles and again on said Trace, I hit a new pothole: 



      But then again ... It hurt.  Hit my shoulder, cracked my helmet........



        Cracked my garmin .... took out an elbow



        Went to the hospital in an ambulance, got a CT scan of my head, neck.  Xrays of my knee, arm, shoulder and clavicle.  I'm on blood thinners so I'm mightily bruised up.  Old fartism sucks. 


        Oh, well, it's better than the alternative.  I had a great uncle (in Holland) who died riding a bicycle at the age of 94.  


        All I need is for the people that be .... patch the potholes and smooth the road.  Angry

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          Nice work there!  What's that, 9 stitches?  Where did yoiu go?


          (Glad you are okay)

          The King of Beasts

            Sweet Hell !!


            gald you are okay.

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              Nice work there!  What's that, 9 stitches?  Where did yoiu go?


              (Glad you are okay)



              Ambulance driver wanted to take me to Vanderbilt, but we are closer to St. Thomas, and if it was that bad they could take me to Vanderbilt. 


              Actually, I'm in a better mood now that I posted to pics... even if it's only in my old fart mind ... I'm healing. 


                Ouch! Dang!

                12 Monkeys

                  Why'd ya need an ambulance?

                    Glad you're ok.


                    That's quite a gash and lots of road rash. No broken bones? Very lucky indeed.


                    Damn ground is hard, isn't it?

                    Get off my porch


                      Why'd ya need an ambulance?


                      I passed out...hit my head on the pavement and when I came to I could not see anyone except for stars and halo's. The sheriff called the ambulance, and I told her"no" but she was following "procedure". Then my husband and son came and the ambulance crew took their directions, not mine. Also had trouble breathing ... Hyperventilated like a silly asthmatic. I think I scared them.


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                        Yeah, you needed an ambulance.

                        In it for the long run..

                          I hate it. It looks so painful. I'm glad you bounced fairly well.

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                            Oh, Ellie.  I am just this summer really learning to ride a bike.  You mave have set me back a couple of years.



                            I hope you are not in too much pain.  Will we see you at the annual picnic?

                            Hoodoo Guru

                              I'm glad Trent approved of your ambulance ride. Roll eyes  The "cracked my helmet" was enough to sell me. 


                              Heal fast.

                              The tangents are moot.







                                getting hurt while cycling is about a million times cooler than just randomly falling down. you are participating in life!


                                looks like it's been what... 4 days? 5 days? hope you are healing well. the muscle soreness from a landing like that can be brutal. even though it doesn't show, it's as bad as the cuts and bruises. i've been in an ambulance, and i know it's no fun, but just take it as a sign that people care about you and want to keep you around.

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