Lunsford Hill (Read 401 times)

12 Monkeys

    I think the staute is supposed to say "Dallas done died".


    Ahh.  I was wrong.  It was supposed to say, "Dalas Dropped Ded".  I apologize for the error.


      I was finishing up from a run today when I saw Deb Beasley, a longtime Warner Park naturalist.  She is responsible for putting up the signs marking directions on the horse and hiking trails.  Since I had run both up and down nine-mile hill, I thought to ask her when someone would be able to spray over the graffiti since they now had a post that designated "Lunsford Hill".  


      She did not know what I was talking about.  She said it is against park policy to name any section of the park or road after a person.  She specifically asked me if it looked like something that may have been put up by the parks department.  I told her it looked very much like a mile marker. Deb told me that information had not filtered down to her. 


      Hmmmm  Surprised