speaking of cyclists being struck by motor vehicles... this is from the local cycling community: (Read 302 times)

In it for the long run..

    Trent- that is horrible.  I'm so glad your parents are OK.


    I guess with respect to the Hwy. 96 truck driver that we just don't know what all the cyclist was able to say and what the driver said.  I need more than a newspaper article.  I pretty much only feel safe on my bike when I'm on the Trace, and there's the guy who got hit by a deer up there.....

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      trent -- glad your 'rents were not on cycles.

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        Sorry to hear about your parents unfortunate accident Trent. Are they mentally okay? Will they ever drive again?


        My 2¢, you can look left, right, then left again, yet still miss something due to blind-spots.


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