dang cicadas! (Read 394 times)

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    Someone said that since our development is newer than 17 years and there was digging/excavating within the 17 years (or 13- whatever it is) that there aren't many around our neighborhood.  I did smash one on the windshield driving this afternoon, though.


    Ohhh, that makes a lot of sense.


    They're all over the Richland Creek greenway. Fortunately, I've avoided any kind of dive-bombing attacks during my runs.

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    12 Monkeys

      There are more cicadas than leaves at the Stone Gates.  Wow.


        Those nasty red/orange eyes are a good match of the new swamp shirts. Something to remember this season by. &$):;@&-!?&$


        this weekend while i was digging around in the ground to plant some MONKEY grass, a cicada fell into the hole i had prepared in the earth for the MONKEY grass, so i thought about you, and i just buried the little red-eyed bugger alive, because i thought maybe that would make you happy.


        you're welcome.


        Big grin

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          Thank you, T2E.


            Thank you, R2E. &$):@:--@$&(:&


              Karen, still no cicada sightings?

              In it for the long run..

                I can hear them, but not many at all around our house.  When I drive on 65 they hit my windshield and SPLAT.  Very few on the Brentwood trail.  I'm glad I don't have to engage with them too much.

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                  There are dead cicada drifts along I-40 near TSU.


                    Finally .... only one or two buzzes as I swept the front porch.  I swept away dead cicadas.  None flew in my hair.  Even the dog is sick of the cicadas.  Took a long ride yesterday, I could hear them, but none of them attacked me.  I think this is the beginning of the end.  Big grin