Take your ID with you (Read 340 times)

    Is there a difference between Chris sharing information about what happened to him and us sharing information about what happened to someone else? I see a difference there. I know that it's the internet and the expectation for justification is low, but the rationale here seems like a non-sequitur to me.


    Maybe I was over sensitive, but basically the "guy in question" [yes, this is getting awkward] is 1) not a member of RA 2) everyone apparently already knows what happened anyways and 3) using this awful occurrence as a chance to harp on people who don't carry Road ID just seems insensitive and gossipy to me.


    There is more background to my reaction here, basically it's that all anyone can talk about with respect to this stupid awful thing that happened is the fact that he wasn't carrying a Road ID. Not just this forum, but his colleagues at the school, other people I have talked with. It's like the whole guy's life has been summed up into a fucking infomercial about carrying ID. As if carrying ID would have prevented a heart attack.


    Instead of feeling bad for a dude who had the heart attack, we are all worried about the fact that HE caused other people to worry and fret and run around to hospitals because he had the chutzpah to go into cardiac arrest without notifying the whole city beforehand. Oh, poor worried people, it's like he gave them a heart attack because they worried so much. Except he didn't--he was the one who had the heart attack.


    Yes, I am passionate about this subject.

      I agree.


      The whole sort-of-accepted idea that there is no longer privacy really sucks.

      And, yes, I get the irony of me posting this on a message board.

      Hoodoo Guru

        Someone who goes to Univ School and knows that I know Zaf (there, I said it) told me about it.  I am glad I know about his heart attack, because he was someone in the running community and someone I liked, even though I have only met and spoken to him 2 or 3 times.


        Privacy is one issue, sure.  But if the Univ. School mailing list gets the info it can't be too private anymore.  Plus if I was stricken like this, I hope someone would share the message so that my friends would know. 


        The ID thing is another issue.  Maybe we try to find the moral in every story.  I'm sure the focus will change from "everyone should carry an ID" to "everyone should get a medical checkup" soon.


        Anyway, I'm glad I know, and I wish Zaf the best. 

        The tangents are moot.




          Look, message boards are not the place to spread news about people's health issues. Message boards are the place to feel morally superior to people who share news about other people's health issues. It's basic math.