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    Are you calling a blowhole?  Who's in charge here???


      not i, said the fly!

      i find the sunshine beckons me to open up the gate and dream and dream ~~robbie williams


        Speaking of blowholes....I just got back from Hawaii.  We took a sunset cruise and some whales came around.  The captain told us that vessels had to cut their motors if the whales got too near, and our was cut.  There was about five whales swimming around.  You could hear and see them spouting from their blowholes.  Everybody got very quiet.  It was a very nice experience.


        No pictures ... did not take my camera along, and that would have messed the experience up anyway.


        That's all, carry on.

          Wow. That sounds faabulous! And, yeah, sometimes the memory is better than the picture.


          By the way, I just learned yesterday that a whale's penis is referred to as a "dork."

          Hoodoo Guru

            My daughter never understood why I did not like her using the word "dork."  And then she looked it up.

            The tangents are moot.