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Race Report: PCTR Sequoia Train Run, 10K – 2/16/08 (Read 327 times)


    Since this was my first trail race, the biggest concern was making sure of following the ribbons and not getting lost, which was one of the major factors behind making the first trail race a 10K, and not one of the longer races. Arrived early to pick up the bib, and to watch the 50K, 30K and 20K starts. Safe to say I’d read the race day (i.e., ribbon) instructions enough times to be capable of reciting them pre-race instead of the RD, Wendell. Early in the race the plan was to keep in sight of other runners to be sure I was on course. I lined up well behind the front pack, and tried to fit in with those running closer to my pace. And there were some fast runners there. Gary Gellin set the 10K course record and beat the field by 3 mins with a 46:23. It’s hard to tell now because PCTR changed their results format, but I believe course records were set in several events. Keeping sight of other runners was not a problem through the first 3 km. Km 4-6 the field thinned out, and I played leapfrog with about 4 other runners, most of whom had passed me in the first 3 km. (Should mention here there were a few who passed me at this point I never saw again.) I was able to catch up on the ascents and descents, but on the flat(er) sections, always seemed to be watching ‘em pass back by. (If only I could fix that weak link …) Just before crossing Skyline Blvd on the return, I passed by that group, and decided to push through to the finish. That put me on trail without any “guide”. At this point I learned how well the course was marked. I was able to keep up my pace, and, though pretty tired (even for a shorter race), could follow the trail without having to think much about it. Came in 17th in 59:05, with which I was more than content, for the 1st trail race. While I’ve run on Bay Area trails for years, this was th first time in Joaquin Miller Park or Redwood Regional Park in Oakland, CA. The course had great views, and gorgeous woodlands. And as discussed, the course was very well marked. The aid stations were well stocked, and the food at the finish was awesome. Thanks to the volunteers and PCTR. Very, very well organized. Absolutely would recommend PCTR if anybody's looking to fit a trail race into their schedule. I’m looking forward to my next race. (DW took some pic's, I'll try to post some later).
      Sounds great! Congrats on the overall finish place. I've never done any trail running, but I know Joaquin Miller Park very well (among other things, we got married there!), and I agree that the trails and views are really wonderful. Thanks for posting!

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        Nice report. Thanks! PCTR puts on really fantastic events. I encourage you to try some of their other ones, as well.

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