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Big Sur Marathon RR (Read 192 times)

    Wow, what an incredible course. As beautiful and hilly as advertised. Windier than expected (20 mph gusts at Hurricane Point). Very well organized, with great volunteers, a good expo, and well stocked aid stations. Fortunately I didn't have high expectations for my time and was fine with my 5:15 -- I'm used to being a back-of-the-packer and in any event this course posed some unique challenges. I have to admit, though, that I was more done in by the road camber than anything else, which really tortured my IT bands and ankles. Would love to do it again if I can figure out some way to deal with the camber. Any thoughts?!
      Great job GatsbyBird. I don't have any thoughts except to stay away from serious camber in the roads. That gives me trouble too. I'm sure the hilly course didn't help your IT either. Hills aggravate my knee sometimes.
        I ran BSM a long time ago ('96 or '97) and I do remember there being some off-camber tilt to the road, I think, just because it is only a 2-laner. I tried to run right up the middle to avoid the serious off-camber at the shoulder. Wasn't much traffic, if any, in that race so center was not hard to do. As Bonnie, said the rolling hills can do a number on your legs as well. That course is definitely one to just run at a comfortable pace and revel in the beauty of your surroundings, that's what I did. Glad you had a good experience. Hey, do they still have the pianist out on the course? I think he's out there every year, can't remember the mile but it's a guy in a tux playing a grand piano just off the course.
          Yes, the piano guy was there! Right after you cross the big bridge. Definitely a highlight (among many!) of the run. I believe the original piano guy passed away in 2004, and this is his successor. There was also a harpist, taiko drums, assorted school bands, a jazz quartet, a funky keyboardist, a couple rock bands, a wacky samba ensemble, and probably others that I'm forgetting.