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Bay to Breakers Call Out (Read 374 times)

    Who's running? My wife will be walking it and I'll be running from the seeded corral. Anyone have any tips on getting there? My plan is to drive up (from San Jose) and park in a friend's driveway (he lives right off the N-Judah line near Ocean Beach) then walk up to N-Judah, hopefully get on the subway and make it to the start. Costs $7? I'll have exact change. I'm totally nervous about the logistics of this race which is why I've never subjected myself to it!
      I've never done it before, but I've got a number. Still trying to decide -- doing better after an injury, but don't want to push it. I'd definitely be doing it as a run rather than a race, and why fight all those logistics just for a 7 mile run, you know? Pre-injury I'd been planning on doing it out-and-back for a long run: Breakers to Bay to Breakers. But now I'm not sure if I want to put 15 miles on the leg yet, plus, it looks like my plan wasn't so good anyway, because it says you should be in the corrals at 7:15. Really? So maybe I could do Bay to Breakers to Bay -- they've got a good deal at some garages downtown, or I see they've got BART running early, and BART's easy for me. Bay to Breakers to Bay with BART across the Bay is probably going to be the easiest thing for me -- it's just a matter of whether I want 15 on the leg. Congrats on the seeded entry by the way -- hope you have a great race!
        FYI Ken -- I was at the Expo today picking up my number, and they had a table selling the $7 Muni passes. They said that the $7 was only for the post-race rides, not for pre-race. So if you park out in the avenues and take the N-Judah in, you'll just be paying the regular $1.50 Muni fare.
          Cool. Thanks for the info, Anne. I take it you've decided to do the race? Another logistical issue - I didnt want to drive up to the City to pick up my packet so I paid an extra $9.99 for them to mail my packet. Already have my bib and chip. My wife thinks I'm crazy being so nervous about the whole 'getting up there, parking etc' thing. I'm kinda particular and don't want to ruin what is shaping up, if I do everything right, to be a good race. The 'seed' thing is nothing, really - I was surprised that my 1/2 marathon time was enough to get in that corral - it's nothing special. Good luck at the race.

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            Good luck at the race, guys. I'm thinking of running this next year. It seems like one of those races that every California runner should do. Big grin

            5k - 23:30

            10k - 49:00

            Half - 1:48:34

            Full - 4:01:28


            Working toward hip nirvana.

              I used to do it every year but can't make it this year. It's one of my all time favorite runs. If you're not in a seeded corral, I wouldn't recommend trying to race it or even aiming for any particular time (unless you get there really early and are in the front). It's typically crowded, chaotic, and crazy, and it's best not to take it too seriously. Most of the people out there aren't racing -- they're just having fun. Enjoy it as an "only in SF" type of experience. PS It's going to be warm this weekend so expect naked people.
                PS It's going to be warm this weekend so expect naked people.
                Why does the the thought of a bunch of nekkid people running make me want to go "ewww"? Tongue Good luck racing this weekend, Ken and Anne.
                  Why does the the thought of a bunch of nekkid people running make me want to go "ewww"? Tongue Good luck racing this weekend, Ken and Anne.
                  Before we got married my wife lived right off 47th and Lincoln so we'd walk over and watch the finish - from the Kenyans to the bare naked people. Too much fun!
                    Hey Ken -- congrats on the PR! I read your log, and saw you're disappointed. Sounds like you'll be in good shape to take on that hill next year. Wink I was helped up the hill by the Salmon -- I ran into them swimming upstream as I was a block or so into the hill, and giving them high fives the whole way up definitely helped me not notice the big ass hill. 'Course, that's all at a much slower pace than you! I really enjoyed it! The logistics weren't nearly as complicated as I'd feared. As soon as I crossed the start line, I was running. Sure, there was some dodging and weaving, but it actually didn't slow me down much. And I definitely enjoyed the spirit of the spectators -- and that quiet, calm, and cool that you hit as you're past the museums in the park. The heat was a challenge, for sure. I was ridiculously annoyed to cross the finish line and be hounded to take the free samples of pain relief gel and photo info cards instead of being handed a water. I wonder if they had major problems with that later in the morning? I did do it as part of a long run, parking around UCSF (on street, no problems), so it was over 15 miles total for the morning. So I had 4.5 miles to run to the start, and then a long wait in the corrals because I took them seriously on that arrive-by-7:15 thing (BTW: when I first arrived downtown, I went to the Palace Hotel and used their restrooms -- no lines and marble tiled, beats a portapotty any day. I don't fit any troublemaker profile, in truth, but I didn't even notice myself getting a once-over from any hotel staff). I didn't get the sense that the early arrival actually necessary, and if I do it again, I won't be so worried about arriving early. After the finish -- I finished right behind Marian Lyons, which turns out to be a good way to ensure that lots of people are clapping as you approach the finish -- and after finally finding the water, I did a slow jog back to the car. My leg seems to be holding up fine, which was such a relief. All in all a very good day! I don't know about the alcohol situation further back in the pack, but they certainly weren't cracking down on nudity that I saw. Clowning around
                      Thanks Anne! I only got a PR at this distance cuz I've never raced it before! Congrats to you as well on a nice day of running. 15 miles of hilly running - you are fit! It was a great day to be in the city running, wasn't it? Afterall, it wasn't THAT hot! I'm feeling better about my race now. I just plain went out too fast. I was in that silly seeded corral and I guess I got carried away cuz I got to warmup out in front of the start line with the elites - too cool! Got to see Deena Kastor and all of the Kenyans and Ethiopians. They are like gazelles. Funny that they do a lot of REALLY slow jogging in the warmups but when they do their strides they FLY! I had a great time once the race was over but I gotta say that Hayes st got the best of me. When I finished I jogged over to the Footstock thing and picked up my Tshirt and then waited at mile 6 for my wife and her friend to come by as I wanted to walk in with them. Unfortunately I missed them. Did get to see some really fun people enjoying themselves! Quite a few nekkid people and some great costumes and centipedes. I didn't wait around long enough to see the floats though. Like you, I overestimated the logistics of getting to/from the race. Much easier than I thought and actually no problem. I will do this race again! Maybe I can run smarter than this year. I took a look at your log entry for the day - I see you wore the HRM. Ahh to be young like you and get my HR up in the 180's! Since I got my 305 I religiously wear it during races to see how high it goes and, alas, my ticker won't go any faster than maybe 172! stfu: You definitely should run this thing - it is fun.