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Los Gatos All Comers Meet (Summer) Schedule is up (Read 358 times)

      Replying to your own thread ...


      Anyway, first meet of the summer is next Thursday at 6PM.  I'll be running the mile at this one.  Can't wait as I've never run one before.

        Cool.  I'll be there.  Not sure what event I'll try yet since I haven't been training specifically for anything.  It will be fun for sure.
          I think they start on the 18th not the 11th though??  Are you going to wear spikes for your mile?
            Yep, you're right - the 18th. 


            I guess I'll just wear my racing flats as I don't own (and have never run in) spikes.  Will they laugh me off the track?  Seriously ... I don't know about this kind of stuff.

              Flats are fine.  I watched one of these Los Gatos meets back in the Winter and you had some people run in spikes and others in flats.  It is a perfect forum to experiment with spikes if you've never tried them, though.


              I ran an all comers 800m race a few years ago in spikes and had a blast trying to keep up with a bunch of pre-season college kids.  I really loved racing on the track.  Now, I'm kind of afraid of it since I've been mainly putzing around with trail races and the like.  Smile 

                For now I'll just try out the mile using my flats.  I may try spikes if I really like racing on the track.  I've done a couple of track 5K races (West Valley Joggers & Striders club races) and those were pretty fun although I have yet to run fast on the track.