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It's snowing (Read 290 times)

    Here in Auburn ...not a common event, although this IS the 3rd time this winter.....Hard to concentrate and work. Wish I had a window to watch it. I keep going for a walk around the building. I'm thinking of taking a long lunch and going for a trail run......Hmmmmm
    Next up: A 50k in ? Done: California-Oregon-Arizona-Nevada (x2)-Wisconsin-Wyoming-Utah-Michigan-Colorado

    trying to beat the bunny

      I was wondering. We're driving up the hill tomorrow afternoon so I hope we get a break. Down here it is rainy, windy and cold. BRRRRRRRRR

      2008 goals -5% spring weightloss goal - 126 lbs.
      - run 1000K
      - run a couple of 10Ks, maybe a half???