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Napa to Sonoma Half - July 19th (Read 159 times)

Lush Extraordinaire

    Anyone else signed up for this?  I signed up for it back in December and now I wish I didn't.  LOL  Well, I want to run it, but I'm notoriously lazy and would rather not.  You bet your ass for $75 I will be running it though.  That's a big chunk of change to waste.  It will be the first time I've ever run it, and probably the last (unless I really love it). 


    How hilly is it?  I've heard that it's really hilly and I've heard it's not.  Not that I mind hills, I actually prefer them.  Keeps things interesting. 

    5k - 23:30

    10k - 49:00

    Half - 1:48:34

    Full - 4:01:28


    Working toward hip nirvana.