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Great Race in Los Gatos tomorrow - course isn't as easy as I thought! (Read 242 times)

    Pre-ran the course this morning. Not all downhill. I counted 6 uphill segments and 4 downhill segments. You start off with a short (~.2 mile) slight downhill segment on Big Basin Way in Saratoga. Then a RH turn onto LG-Saratoga Rd and immediately are on the first uphill. From this point it's kind of rolling unitl the last downhill which is the most substantial hill in the race. It starts about 1.5 mile from the finish and is a nice, long, steep enough to give you a boost but not so steep as to cause problems downhill. Then about .4 mile from the finish you take a RH turn onto Santa Cruz Ave. The last .4 on Santa Cruz are slightly uphill. I think I'm going to just relax the first 2-2.5 miles and then when I hit that last 1.5 mile segment just try to have enough in reserve to gun it. Good luck to anyone running tomorrow! Made a map of the race (to see elevation click the blue jagged arrow in the tool bar at the top) : Great Race
      Good luck! I may be there. Right now my legs feel like lard so I'm debating on whether to race at all. Will decide in the am.