Olympia XC


Welcome to the Olympia XC user group!

This user group will be a facility for Olympia distance runners to get workout information, pose questions, start discussions, keep up with and support other runners on the team as well as post other information that may be useful or interesting to other group members.
Contact Coach Neisler or Coach Stine with running/workout questions. Contact Todd Wigginton with any questions/concerns with the user group.

The first three months of the CC season are June, July, and August, not August, September, and October.

Don't let our opponents out work us this summer.

Don't let your opponents out work you this summer.


Camp - July 18, 19, 20- Lake Shelbyville/Okaw Bluff, Sullivan, Illinois


1st practice - August 9th - 8:00am


Where do you want to be on November 4th?  

Will you be participating in the IHSA State CC Meet???  If that is your plan, get started preparing for it NOW!!!