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    Help populate a list of races in and near Pennsylvania.



    Ugly Mudder 7 miler Reading, PA

    Frozen Sasquatch Trail event 25k & 50k- West Virginia  ttp://

    Phunt 50k - Maryland

    Beast of Burden 50 miler & 100 miler - Lockport, NY



    Chilly Cheeks 7 miler Reading, PA

    Squirrelly Tail Twail Wun Half Marathon Pinchot Park, PA



    Humdinger Trail Run 7 miler - Danville, PA

    Mile Run Trail Half Marathon - Mile Run, PA

    Seneca Creek Greenway Trail Marathon & 50k

    The HAT Run 50k - Maryland

    New Jersey Ultra Festival - 50k, 50 miler, 100k, 100 miler



    Buck Ridge Burn Trail Half Marathon - Pine Grove Furnace State Park

    Down on the Farm 10k - Marysville, PA

    Mt. Penn MudFest 15k - Reading, PA

    Glacier Ridge Trail 30k, 50k, 50miler - Butler Co. PA

    Hyner View Trail Challenge 25k & 50k

    Dirty Kiln Trail Races 5mi & HM -

    Iron Master's Trail Challenge 15k, 20 miler, 50k - Pince Grove Furnace State Park



    Mrs. Smith's Challenge 5 miler Lancaster, PA

    Dark n Dirty 6.66 miler in the dark Reading, PA

    Greewood Furnace Trail Challenge Half Marathon - Greewood Furnce State Park

    Capon Valley 50k - Capon Springs, West Virginia

    Dirty German Endurance Fest 30k, 50k, 50 miler - Philadelphia, PA

    Bear Mountain North Face Challenge 50 miler - Bear Mountain, NY

    3 Days at the Fair - 6, 12, 24, 48, 72 hour - New Jersey 

    Sole Challenge - 6, 12, 24 hour - Gettysburg, PA



    Rothrock Trail Challenge 30k - State College, PA

    Bouncing Buns 7k (clothing optional) - Reading, PA

    Mr. Smith's Challenge 10k - Lancaster, PA

    Washington North Face Trail Challenge 5k, HM, M, 50k, 50 miler - Washington D.C.

    Laurel Highlands Ultra Races 70 miler, 50k single and relay - Western PA

    Finger Lakes Fifties - 25k, 50k, 50 miler - New York

    Rachel Carlson Trail 34 miles - North Park/Harrison Hills Park, western PA

    OSS/CIS 50 miler (night) Northern Virginia

    Highlands Sky Trail Run 40 miler - West Virginia

    Mason Dixon Trail Logest Day Challenge 100k - Maryland & Yor Co. PA

    Run Between the Suns (RBTS) 12 hour event - near Oil City, PA




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      Double Trouble 15k & 30k - Morgantown, PA

      Prowl the Sprowl 10k Clinton Co. PA

      Maryland HEAT Race 25k - Maryland

      Escarpment Trail Challenge 30k - Catskill Mountains Upstate NY

      Allegheny Front Trail Run 12 or 30 miles - Moshannon State Forest/State Park Land

      St. Roch 25k - Maryland

      Catoctin 50k - Catoctin, MD

      Viaduct Ultras 50 miler, 100 miler, 200 miler - Northeast PA

      The Lone Ranger 24 hour - Philadelphia, PA



      Half Wit Half Marathon - Reading, PA

      On the Rocks Trail Run 10k, 15k, 30k - York, PA

      Rattling Off-Road Trail Weekend 30k - Lykens, PA

      Mount Cuokoo 15k & 30k - Adamstown, PA

      Try-All by FIre (no specific distance or type) - Clinton Co. PA

      Cheat Mountain Moonlight Madness 50 miler - West Virginia

      Baker Trail Challenge 50 miler - Western PA

      Beast of Burden Summer Challenge 50 miler and 100 miler - Lockport, New York

      The Conococheague 50K FA event - Perry County PA -

      Elk County Boulder Dash 20 miler - Elk County PA (added 7/22/13)



      Conestoga Trail 10 miler - Lancaster Co. PA

      Sloppy Cuokoo 6.55 miler and half marathon - Philadelphia, PA

      The Dam Half/The Dam Full marathons - near Lewisburg, PA

      Labor Pain 12 hour ultra - Reading, PA

      Keystone SuperHike 28.4 miles - York/Lancaster Co. PA

      Trails 4 Tails 40 miler - York Co. PA

      Groundhog Fall 50k - Punxsutawney, PA

      Virgil Crest 50k, 50miler, 100 miler - New York

      Pine Creak 100k & 100 miler - Wellsboro, PA

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        Mile Run Trail Half Marathon Reverse course - Mile Run, PA

        Ghouls n Fools 6.5 miles (night run) - Reading, PA

        HARRC in the Park 15k - Lewisberry, PA Pinchot Park

        Rock'n the Knob 5 miler and 30k - Blue Know State Park

        The Green Monster 25k & 50k - Wellsboro, PA

        Blues Cruise 50k - near Reading, PA

        Oil Creek 50k, 100k, 100 miler Northwest PA

        Tussey Mountainback 50 miler - State College, PA

        Quad State Buster 45 miler - PA, MD, WV, VA

        Fire on the Mountain 50k - Flintstone, MD

        West Virginia Trilogy 50k, 50 miler, half marathon (over 3 days) - West Virginia



        Dirty Bird 15k - Birdsboro, PA

        NC Trail Marathon - Maryland (north of Baltimore)

        Twisted Turkey Trail Tussle 10k & 10 miler near Gettysburg, PA

        JFK 50 miler - Boonsboro, MD

        Stone Mill 50 miler - Maryland

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          Here are some lifted from, sorry for the cut and paste. I know they are not long distance but for a beginner like me they are great. Hopefully I will get to run a few this year.



          May 4

          Wendy's Xterra Big Pocono State Park 3M Trail Tannersville 10:00 (570) 814-0346 email website
          May 18 Wendy's Xterra Seven Tubs, Wilkes-Barre 3.2M Trail Wilkes Barre 10:00 (570) 814-0346 email website
          Jun 2 Wendy's Xterra Hickory Run State Park 7M Trail White Haven 10:00 (570) 814-0346 email website
          Jun 15 Wendy's Xterra Earth Conservancy Half Marathon 13M Trail Mocanaqua 10:00 (570) 814-0346 email website
          Jun 29 Wendy's Xterra Gouldsboro State Park 8M Trail Gouldsboro 10:00 (570) 814-0346 email website

          Media Mud Stain Trail Run                                      

          Sunday, November 10, 2013

          2 Distances- 5 mile & 10 mile

          Ridley Creek State Park  Media, PA

          Trail Monster


            LT J.C. Stone 50k in North Park, PA



            Dirt Monster 5M in North Park, PA

            Marshall Mangler 8k & 50k

            2013 races:

            3/17 Shamrock Marathon

            4/20 North Coast 24 Hour

            7/27 Burning RIver 100M

            8/24 Baker 50M

            10/5 Oil Creek (distance to be determined)


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              This is awesome!


              Also in April:


              Tyler Trail 10k - Tyler Arboretum, Media, PA


              Delaware Trail Triple Crown & Marathon (5k, 10k, 13.1 and 26.2) - Newark, DE -

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              I Run for Oiselle


              Hyner 50k:  4/18/15

              Laurel Highlands 70M: 6/13/15


                Jaime, this is great.


                The Buck Ridge Burn was moved to April 7th (from March)

                Ironmaster's Challenge moved to April 28th (from May)

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                  I can't keep up with these races moving on me.  Thanks!


                  And is it just me or is PA exploding with trail events the last 3 years?

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                    And is it just me or is PA exploding with trail events the last 3 years?


                    PA has always been a great Mt. Biking state, so now looks like it's translating into Trail Running.  Ron Horn at Pretzel City sports definitely has something to do with it.

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                      Just saw this one near Pittsburgh - 5-6 mile event plus 4, 8, and 12 hour events.



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                      100K or Bust

                        Chester Country Running Store is putting on a 10K trail series in Pottstown March 30, April 27, May 18:


                        Coventry Woods 10 Trail Series

                        2017 Goals: for races not to be exercises in futility

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                            Thanks Jamie for the links.The naked Bavarian at Blue Marsh lake looks awesome! I love to run out there, just not sure if I will be healthy enough by then. But I can always dream!

                            Le professeur de trail

                              Thanks Jamie for the links.The naked Bavarian at Blue Marsh lake looks awesome! I love to run out there, just not sure if I will be healthy enough by then. But I can always dream!


                              I agree entirely.  I am not running at all right now...hoping here very soon.  I think about being able to do a slow 20 miles there in March.  Probably not logical but I can dream at least.  I love the trails around Blue Marsh.

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                                Something else to keep in mind Jamie (being helpful enabler) Harrisburg Road runners and Don Hauke put on a fat ass 50 k in March in  Perry County. If I remember correctly there was a shortcut around 20 miles so you could go back to the start,  or else they usually need volunteers to help sweep, which is what I did last year for a 10 mile section. Hope you can get out running again!