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New Ultra - Tuscarora 24 Hour - July 13-14 (Read 20 times)


    I just got a FB message about his event.  Don't know these trails, but looks like fun.  These are Mt. Bike people who have put on a few trail races.


    Tuscarora 24 Hour

    Le professeur de trail

      I just looked at it briefly.  Nice to see a 24 hour TRAIL event in central PA.  On the map, Blain is not that far away but then again I know that area - I think it's an hour drive for me.  Sounds like a cool event.  Not sure it's for me this year but maybe next year.  Quite a tough time of year though - we've had high 90's the last few July's with high humidity.  That could be a game changer.


      AT - I couldn't figure out who it is that is putting this event on.  Is it an organization? A group of trails runners?

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        It's being put on by fast Forward Racing.  I think they are out of Carlisle, PA.  Mostly do Mt. Bike races.  They did a 1/2 marathon in Michaux the last 2 years.  This race is tied to one of the Mt. Bike races the same weekend (different trails).  Looks interesting.  I might have to give it a go.  I'm about and hour away as well.


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          It looks great and is withing convenient driving distance for me, too (1.5 hrs). I might give it a whirl, to see what it's like to run for 24 hrs before my attempted first 100 miler.

          Run for fun.

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            Unfortunately it's too close to BR100. Of course, if anyone is up for some trail running in the Cuyahoga River Valley on 7/27-7/28, I'm in need of pacers and crew. Wink

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