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My first experience with Mt. Misery (Read 20 times)

    Yesterday I had an absolutely lovely time doing a trail challenge in Valley Forge with a trail running group from Philly.  It was exactly what I needed  rejuvenate my running.  Everyone started together with maps to climb to the summit of Mt. Misery.  There were three tokens that needed to be found and turned in at the top, and then you received a ticket to return to the bottom anyway desired.  At the bottom, you could choose to take the next map for a slightly more difficult trail, if you made the cutoff- each stage was 1/7 fewer people allowed to continue.  There were 7 stages total.  I ended up doing 5 and calling it a day, partially because I was car pooling, and my passenger was done after 4, and partially because I needed to start tapering.  I have to say, I felt strong, really was tempted to continue.  The organizer is planning to hold a similar event in the fall, and I can't wait!  What an awesome day running with new friends on new trail Smile

      That race sounded like so much fun! I am part of the Facebook group for the running club...definitely want to make it out to some of their runs. It sounds like you had a great time!

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        Sounds like a fun event.  All the years I dabbled around VF national park and I never knew there was such a trail system.  Too bad cuz it sounds like a great area!

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          I'd highly recommend it, Trails.  It's a very inclusive group, so anyone can run.  If anyone is interested, I'm one of the hosts for a group run from French Creek on June 8th, along the Horse Shoe Trail.  I'll make sure I post the info for the fall challenge for everyone Smile


          Dirty Girl

            Ahh. Glad to hear it was fun! Rik and I were signed up but ultimately decided not to go because of the uncertain weather and I figured I would get cut pretty early which equals a long drive for a short run! May try again in the fall if they have it.


            Wish I would be around for the French Creek run in June but we will be at Laurel Highlands. Let me know when you have another run there!


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              Sorry you missed it!  There were a lot of people that just wanted to run one or two stages, so little danger of being cut.  I'll let you know if we decide to host another French Creek run, for sure.