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Christmas Cruise (Read 82 times)

    Congrats Josh for putting on another fabulous event! Everyone I spoke with had a great time. I believe even Santa got in on the Cross Fit challenge, busting out some jolly push ups Wink 


    Good job, Buddy!


    And congratulations to all of the age group winners...lots of Y Race Teamers! 

      GREAT job Josh!!  That was a lot of fun!  It was well organized and seemed to go very smoothly.  Thanks for all of the the work you put into it!


        Yep, you did a great job Josh.  Fanatastic turnout, too - I heard a lot of positive things regarding the race.


        It was great to see all the kids come out and participate.  Pretty cool to see all the kids that look up to you as well - they obviously think a lot of you, along with their parents.  Heard lots of good things said about you coming from the kids.  Awesome.   


          Really great job, Race Director.  I think that was the biggest turn out for a race in Easley.    Involving the Dream Center was a great idea.  They had been looking at doing a run as a fund raiser.  Teaming up was super.  Great people to work with and a very worthy cause.  I can see this race getting even bigger next year.  The crossfit challenge was also a great draw.  Not sure if there is anything else out there like that yet.  You may have started something.  I noticed Richard Osbourne did the crossfit part.  You should get some good coverage in Go Magazine.

           - itri - 

            Wow I've missed a lot on the forum...  the race planning was definitely a little overwhelming over the last couple weeks, but things are better now!

            I can't thank you guys enough for participating and volunteering in the Christmas Cruise!  Last night I honestly kept thinking about all the people that stepped up to help and make the event great.  I love you guys!

            And yes, the coolest part is the kids and first time racers.  I heard a lot of positive things and that really made me happy. 

              No one realizes until they've attempted it...how much work it is to put on races like this!!  You did a great job!  Aren't you glad its over now???  Smile