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Planning for 2016 (Read 5 times)


    I am already thinking about 2016.  It probably isn't too early for us to start talking about getting together to plan for 2016.  Figuring out what our Endorsed Races will be and if we want to pick races for double points, talk about the awards dinner, etc.  It will take awhile to find a common date.


    When we get together I would like to include Lori Smile and Jared and Jeff Thompson, who is a wellness coach at the Y.  Jeff has been talking with me about promoting the YRT within Y newsletters and facebook page.  He talked with me about better ways to use the bulletin boards at each Y and offered to post things for us.


    Peter and Lori, your schedules are a little more complex.  So if you guys can look to October and lets start throwing out dates that may work.  Early October would be good.

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      I'm off every tuesday and thursday Smile



        Please throw out any suggestions you may have for races/rides/events you would like to see on the 2016 Endorsed Race Calendar.  The Y is preparing their Winter Magazine to send out and would like the 2016 Race Calendar to be included in that.  I need to have it to them by October 7.


        Here are some I have put on the list.



        Bike rides:

        Isaqueenas Last Ride, Walhalla, April

        Excel - Chick-Fil-A, Ride for Wellness, Seneca, May

        Rally in the Valley, May, Long Creek

        YRT Memorial Day Bike Ride, Pickens, May

        Miracle Hill Challenge, June

        MAC for Kids Ride & 5K, Easley, August

        Ride to the Rock, Pickens, September



        Gville News Downtown 5K, January

        Green Valley 8K and 10K, February

        GHS Half & 5K, February

        Reedy River, March

        Azalea Festival 5K, April

        Furman 5K, April

        Swamp Rabbit 5K, May

        Sunrise 8K, June

        Firecracker Frolic 5K, July

        Doodle Trail 5K, July

        Spinx Run Fest, October

        Gotta Run Turkey Trot, Clemson, November

        Dream Center Christmas Cruise 5K, Easley, December

        Paris Mountain Road Race, December



        Parris Island Sprint, March

        Clemson Sprint, May

        Swamp Rabbit Sprint, July

        Greenville Sprint, August

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          There is also rumor of a triathlon called mountains to Main Street coming in 2016 that would entail a lake swim , bike ride to travelers rest, and run to Greenville. It may have a half and full option. Saw it on Facebook.



            Parris Island in March?  How about drive just little further and do the Great Clermont Olympic tri in March?


            That race is a sunday.  On saturday there is a sprint and a Half Iron.

            fun race!


              Can we sign up to be a part of the 2016 Greenville Track Club's Corporate Racing Series?  We could represent Pickens County YMCA.  It would give us something to work towards as a team.  Anyone interested in participating?


              The corporate shield races are:


              Greenville News Downtown 5K - Jan

              Milliken Earth Run Cross Country 5K - Mar

              Furman 5K - Apr

              GHS Swamp Rabbit 5K - May

              Sunrise Run 8K = June

              Red, White, & Blue Shoes 5K - July

              Edouard Michelin 5k Memorial Race - Aug

              BMW  Performance Classic 2 mile - Sept

              GE Cross-Country Race (Lake Conestee Park) - Oct

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                Sounds good to me!



                  After looking at the by-laws for the corporate shield, the YRT is not eligible since we are not employees of the Y.

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                    A reminder that our planning meeting for 2016 is this Thursday, October 29, 6:30 pm at Bleu Voo Doo.

                    See you guys then!

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                      Ok I should be able to make it!



                        T and I will be there

                          Is anyone interested in doing the relay for Mountains to Main? I could do run or bike we would just need a swimmer! The date is May 22.  If not I will just sign up for it and suffer through it if I don't get the training time in.



                            Ugh, who wants to be the swimmer?!?!

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                              I know, that's the problem   However I think I am going to sign up for the whole thing. Cindy Maxey is probably going to too.  Peter says he is.  Who else??


                                I know, that's the problem   However I think I am going to sign up for the whole thing. Cindy Maxey is probably going to too.  Peter says he is.  Who else??


                                You're going to do the whole Iron distance?  Cindy Maxey too?