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Big Bird racing Louisville (Read 231 times)


    I can laugh at myself - and to take some of the sting away from Josh ridiculing me, I decided to go ahead and post the pic before he beats me to it:


      Sweet. Wear them during the swim so we can follow you on Google maps. Good luck tomorrow.

        Good Cluck! We know you'll be flyin'! Wink

          Thanks. Was 95 here today - suppose to be 97-98 tomorrow - everytime I check the weather, the forecast gets warmer.  It'll be interesting.


          Goal is to go slow as fast as I can - especially on the bike - very hilly course and very hot.  Goal is to actually be slow.

          Its a slow course anyway for everyone. Everyone says this race is not about time but about placement due to it being a slow course - you can have a slow race by your standards but actually have a good race in relation to the rest of the competitors.


          Average finish time for Louisville is 13:40:00.  My age group average finish time is around 14 hours. The average marathon time is 5:15 - that is concerning.  Matter of fact, no age group averages under 5 hours on the marathon except the pros.  Maybe I should re-consider my times.


          Looking forward to it - should be a fun race.  Great atmosphere, venue and town.


          Swim:  1:15ish

          T1:  5 min

          Bike:  6:30ish or slightly slower - any faster will probably mean a long day with the marathon.  Might be a bad day running regardless.  I have yet to have a good marathon. 

          T2:  5 min

          Run:  4:30 would be nice.  Never know with this one - especially with the heat.  This one is up in the air.  Regardless of everything else, I'll be tickled pink with what I would consider a satisfactory run. 


          That puts me somewhere around 12:30 hrs to finish.  Great if I hit it, fine if I don't.     

            I wanted to see the rest of Eric's race outfit, so he texted his picture to me.... just wanted to share:



              I don't know why I subject myself to this!


                Looks like Eric had a good swim and is holding a good pace on the bike. Still a long day ahead

                  it's craziness.  I just did a 10 mile bike ride and decided that was enough.  doing 140.6 in 90 degree heat is pretty B.A.

                    Cluckin AWESOME!



                      Eric is off the bike and running. He maintained his bike pace and finished a little faster than he expected. Still has a long run ahead of him but looks solid so far

                        I could sit here all night and watch people cross that finish line LIVE!  WOW!!  Congrats Eric!!


                          Congratulations on a great finish! That was awesome!

                           - itri - 


                            Thanks - had a great time.  Louisville catches a lot of flack and people shy away from it because of it being a hot and difficult course, but it has moved to being maybe my favorite race - definately top 2.  Definately gonna do it again.  Unbelievable atmosphere and finish line.


                            Definately hot and lots of DNFs.  Several bike crashes.  Lots of people laying prone under shade tree's on the second loop of the bike.  Lots of people carted off in ambulances.  Lots of "death shuffles" on the run.  Been there, done that.     


                            Swim was slower than expected.  The first half is against the river current and then you swim with the current coming back.  Not a lot of current in either direction.  My Garmin had the swim at almost 2.6 miles, but I could have swam off course or zig-zagged some to cause that.


                            Bike was enjoyable.  Either up or down and constantly changing gears.  Some climbs were over a mile long - but those two climbs were on an out and back so you came down them too - go up at 6mph and come down at 40 mph.  Some locals threw carpet tacks on the course and caused a lot of flats and one pretty serious 5 bike accident.  They actually caught the guy and arrested him I was told.  Thats a shame that this stuff happens.  Huge spectator support in some of the little towns you go through.


                            Run was mostly in the city and urban area including neighborhoods, Univ of Louisville campus, Churchill Downs, etc.  Mostly flat with a  few bridge abuttment climbs.  Not much shade at all.  HUGE HUGE spectator support on the run. 


                            @Cindy.  I went to the finish line after I got all my stuff taken care of and eating - watched the last 1.5 hours of the finish.  The last 15 minutes were amazing.  Women coming in crying their eyes out, men trying not to cry but not being able to control it.  It was louder than a rock concert.  Coolest thing ever.  It had a sad side too.  Several people were coming in less than a minute after midnight...meaning it shows up as a DNF.  Most of them went ahead and finished the run even though it was officially over.


                            @Traci.  Thanks. 


                            @Peter.  Appreciate you following me.  You need to give this race some consideration.  Highly recommend.


                            @Josh.  Are you saying I'm a B.A.?  Or just a slow B.A.? 

                              I wanted to see the rest of Eric's race outfit, so he texted his picture to me.... just wanted to share:



                              I just feel like this picture deserved a response from you guys.  I still laugh at it every time i see it! 


                                This is me after I finished the race...giving Josh a message.