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Tri death (Read 125 times)


    Another death in an Ironman swim leg.  Fascinating how almost all deaths in an Ironman always occur in the swim portion. 

    The first link is from Slowtwitch where his friend who raced with him posted the news - be sure to read the slowtwitch post.  The second is a news report about it.






    Actually just saw where there was another swim death in an Olympic distance tri yesterday as well.  Out west.

      Bumping and thrashing? Uh, should I practice water karate? I am prone to panic.

        No, you'll be starting in waves - probably no more than 40-50 starting at once.  The ironman branded races are a mass start - 2500 to 3000 people all starting at one time - its insane but very very cool.  Its part wrestling/boxing/swimming all rolled into one for the first mile or so.


        Here are a couple of vids that are cool. 


        The first video was my first Ironman - the video was taken from atop a hotel looking down on the swim start - you gotta watch it - its an amazing thing to see.  The narration is hilarious too.



        Ironman Coeur d'Alene in 2010, the absolute roughest swim I have ever been in - got dragged under several times making the turn and came up gasping for air.



        I still get chills everytime I watch those.

          Haley, B2B is mass beach start (unless they changed it)


            Keep in mind that most of these deaths are not from "beatings" but usually cardiac (heart related) issues. I try to swim in a smooth peaceful manner and would prefer the people around me do the same. The swim is such a short portion of the race that a couple minutes lost is no big deal. In reality a lot of people would benefit by not thrashing as much in the water.


            My deepest condolences go out to the families of these athletes. The athletes were doing something they enjoyed and were trying to positively impact the world around them. Unfortunately their lives were tragically cut short.