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    Ride for MAC is this weekend, Aug 25. I see some familiar names have signed up. What distances are you planning to do? I am considering the 62 but work may be an issue. If anyone is doing the 100 and wants company I may be interested.

      I signed up for the 40... I wasn't sure I could hang for the Caesar's Head jaunt (though I secretly hope to attempt it before the year is out).

        I need to check the maps but the Ceaser Head climb is usually up and then down the same way. If you get tired of climbing you can turn back at any time and still be on the course. Just take your time getting there and climb slowly. Its a marathon not a sprint. 40 miles is a little short for your HIM plan.

          I am planning to ride the 40 miles with Kathy Rhiem, Rebecca Anderson and Tallie Blackwell.  Peter, is Teresa up to joining us??

            Peter, you could sell purple cows to a zebra farmer... Wink I'll weigh this option in earnest!

              Theresa is not at all excited about a 7:30 start but she said she will do the 20 mile ride. I will sign her up for the 40 and tell her it was an accident. She rode 30 with me last week and did fine

                Ha!  Great!  I will look forward to catching up with her.  At our pace it will only seem like 20 for her.  Smile

                  Haley, I'm not sure if you know Rebecca Anderson from the Y....but, she is going to try to do the 60 as well and she would be a great person for you to ride with.

                    I don't, but I've been hunting for her... I see her name pop up everywhere. Elusive little thing. Wink I'm gonna catch her tomorrow though! Thanks Cindy and good luck to you!
                      Peter, have to decided? Come on... You know you wanna hang with me on the 60+ Wink

                        I'm in for the 60 plus a short run afterwards. I didn't sign up online  so our names aren't on the list. Unless I have an emergency surgery come up.


                          Congratulations to everyone who did the ride. Weather was beautiful and support on the course. Haley made her first of many trips to the top of Ceasars Head. If anyone else wants to make the trip to ceasar head we can set up a self supported ride next weekend.
                            Thanks for your encouragement, Peter!! I'm totally down for another go, next week is already spoken for. Following weekend?