Pickens County Y Race Team


Raleigh 70.3 & North Face Endurance Challenge (50 mile trail run) (Read 169 times)

    Who wants to do these with me next year?

      Yesssss! And NO!

        Signed up for Raleigh...but you're gonna have to keep convincing me of the run.

          Raleigh participant list is closing in on 1700! Looks like it will sell out much faster than expected.

            Raleigh 70.3


            Event is sold out. Did everyone planning to do it get in?


              Ahhh, no.  I was scared of dying during the swim so I had not signed us up for the relay yet.


              But, I did get clipless pedals put on my new bike. Woot woot!


              When's the next group ride?

               - itri - 


                New bike? We need pictures.


                I am still doing my boring Sat rides. Start at 8 at the Y in Pickens, Theresa joins me at 9:30 for 18 miles on loop 2 and then leaves. I do loops until I get called in to work. Haley joins erratically and Josh has been seen riding the course backwards.

                  Peter, did you register for Raleigh? 


                    Peter, did you register for Raleigh? 



                    No, too far north for me. I'm considering Peuto Rico, Panama or Charleston. I think Bone Island may go back on my schedule if my foot stays OK.