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2013 Rev3 Anderson (Read 51 times)


    Not sure if anyone is interested, but the 2013 Rev3 held in Anderson (October 13th) will also be the USAT Long Course National Championship race as well (half iron distance).  You have to qualify - but the times are not excessively out of reach in my opinion (at least not as tough as Kona or Vegas) - and they have added an even more achievable option - placing in the Top 40% of your age group at a qualifying race.  Caveat:  You would have to do a half iron prior to this race and meet the required time qualification for your age group - or in the Top 40% of a qualifying race.  An early season half like Charleston or White Lake would be ideal to try and qualify - I don't know that these races are qualifiers - if not, you'd only be able to qualify by time, not %.   They use to open the entry to 200 non-qualifiers if I'm not mistaken - I don't know if they still do that or not.


    USAT gives out some pretty good swag (as does Rev3).  All of their national championship races has a great atmosphere.  Should be a top notch event paired with Rev3.




    Last years qualifying requirements:



      I had heard the rumor it would be here but I guess now it is confirmed. Anderson is a great coarse for the half and very spectator friendly. I did the race at Myrtle Beach when it was the long coarse nationals. I took an open spot after failing to qualify at the Charleston half. There were a lot of freakishly fast people in Myrtle Beach. The coarse was a mess and very disorganized. I think they are no longer doing the race there anymore. Anderson will be a great venue.


      It is my A race for next year. I plan to qualify at the Charleston half in April.