Pickens County Y Race Team


Lake swim revival? (Read 55 times)

    The water is just fine...close to boiling, I imagine. Come visit me at Crew Beach on Wednesdays at 5:30pm. It's been beautiful out.

      I never get off in time for the 5:30 swim. How big is the group now? I am planning on increasing my open water volume pretty soon but I usually go to Y beach and swim in the morning when it is cooler and less boat traffic. Mondays and Thursdays

        The interval buoys and safety kayaker (Stuart?) aren't out there right now. I guess they take the hottest part of summer off. They are scheduled to return late summer, from what I hear. Still, the group is sizable, with most folks coming in for the later swim, about 6-6:30. Boat traffic was way low, I only saw one or two the whole time.