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The Biggest Loser (Read 24 times)


    Anyone watching the biggest loser?  Holy smokes, Jillian is kicking their butts.  Within the first 5 minutes of being on the treadmill, they are passing out, falling off, and throwing up.  Great day, I'm pumped to work out in the morning!

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      Danni Allen, Biggest Loser Winner this year

      2006 Clemson grad

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        After cycling through Clemson a couple of weeks ago I can tell you there are quite a few other Clemson students who should follow her pathway..


          On this current "The Biggest Loser", the contestants will complete a triathlon at the end of this season.

          First time for that.  It has usually been a marathon or half marathon.  One girl used to swim competitively.  I'm picking her as the overall winner and the triathlon winner.  Her name is Rachel.


          Holly, one of the contestants who has "gone home", is an Olympic weight lifter.

          Here is her short story:

          Holley played high school football and was the first female offensive lineman to play in an Ohio Division III state championship high school football game.  "I have always been big and succeeded while being big, so I thought that there was no reason to lose weight," Holley says, adding, "As long as I was doing the things I wanted to do, I thought I was fine." She only began weightlifting in 2008, which makes it all the more impressive that she landed a coveted spot on the 2012 Olympic team for weightlifting. Now 24 years old, Holley weighs 351 pounds and decided to make a change so that she can get healthy and also compete to the best of her ability in the 2016 Olympics.


          Even though she wants to get healthy, she is afraid of losing weight because she thinks she will loose muscle and not be a good weight lifter.


          I find that interesting.  She, in one sense, loves her weight and size because she attributes it to helping her succeed in her sport.  We, on the other hand, like being leaner as to help us succeed at our sport.  I guess its called "the flip side".


          Holly currently weighs 277.

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            I see what she's saying...her case is extreme, but there is a delicate balance with relation to lifting. For women to move huge amounts of weight, there's got to be something to move it. This is my rub with the stereotypical Crossfit/Oly lifting fuel mentality...Eat big, lift big. Which typically means high fats from animal protein...bacon, red meats mostly.

            I eat biggish- I eat healthy (still vegetarian) biggish and I've seen a huge incline in my muscle mass from heavy lifting, but i've also gotten as lean as I was strictly doing Triathlon. And as far as numbers go, I weigh 10# more. Being leaner has not changed what I am able to move. It has allowed me to move it faster and more often.

            Probably she knows this, is my guess, but uses it as her excuse to eat like garbage. Unfortunately, her mentally is a common one in that particular sport. I hope she figures it out, though! It's a pretty empowering thing, moving ridiculous weight like that. Beast!


              Yesterday I had the tv on during my workout.  A lady on the today show is demonstrating her get up morning routine.  She does 10 modified burpees.  I think "I can do that".  She demonstrates and I'm like, "well I'll do that right now".  I did 10.  During this modified burpee, while you are in a plank you bring your left knee to the side and up to your left elbow and repeat on right side twice.  That is to wake up your glutes, she said.  Well, my glutes are sore.


              Then watching the recorded Biggest Loser with a sore butt from burpees, Dolvett says "it's time for burpees, 100."  What???????

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