Pickens County Y Race Team


2013 plans (Read 10 times)

    Please share what you're planning to do this year!


    Here are my plans as of now:


    Greenville Duathlon  march 30

    Anderson Ymca Sprint  april 28

    Fast Track 5k  may 4

    4th of July 5k in Pensacola (fam vacation)

    Greenville Sprint  August

    REV 3 Half  October

    Christmas Cruise 5k  Dec


      4/20    TriCharleston HIM

      5?11   Clemson Sprint

      6/9      Greenwood Olympic

      6/15    Caine Halter sprint

      7/14    Furman Sprint

      8/11    Grenville sprint

      10/13 Rev 3 Anderson

      9/24   Ride for MAC 100 miles

      12/1   IM Cozumel

        Birth child

        Greenville Sprint

        Ride for MAC

        Rev 3 Oly


          Withdrew from Raleigh 70.3 due to injury.

          Havent signed up for anything else.  Will wait to see how recovery goes.

            speaking of Raleigh, I believe my entry is transferable, if anyone is interested...


              I have registered for:

              Greenville Duathlon

              Clemson Sprint Tri


              Lots of stuff I'm interested in but we will see what works out:

              Fast Track 5K

              Rally In the Valley Charity Ride

              Paris Mountain Trail Run 12K & 7K

              Firecracker Frolic

              Tri the Swamp Rabbit

              Lake Logan Tri would be fun

              Lake Lure Tri would be fun

              Greenville Tri

              and the Rev 3 Olympic distance


              a turkey trot

              Tommy's Ham House Christmas Eve Run


              I did not like the 45 minute wait to get in the pool at the Tri the Swamp Rabbit.  I was completely famished by the time it was my turn to swim.  Is Greenville Tri the same way?

               - itri - 

                It depends on where you're lined up, but yeah...it's a long-ass line. Probably not more than 45 though, even the back of the pack.


                  The wait can be even longer at the Greenville triathlon because there are more people. If you get your swim time under 2' per 100 the wait is not bad.

                    race change for me:

                    since the duathlon is cancelled, I'm adding the Greenwood Tri.  (olympic distance) on June 9th.

                    the new course sounds appealing with a downtown finish.

                    i guess now I have to see if i remember how to swim


                      I have had a slight change also. I hurt my shoulder skiing a couple of weeks ago. Last week I could only swim 75 yd but today I was able to do 750. I dropped from the Half to the sprint in Charleston. 1.2 miles would be out of the question for now