Pickens County Y Race Team


Impressive (Read 9 times)

    I just wanted to say how impressed I am by our new YRT leadership... last night's awards dinner was so well-done and you all put a lot of work into it.  The presentation, the awards, the door prizes, the info packets, etc--it was all top notch.  And as far as the gift you gave me....  you seriously did not need to give me that.  That was one of the most generous and most unexpected gifts I've ever been given.  I'm extremely thankful for people like you guys and the YRT as a whole and i'm looking forward to the day that I can be as generous to my friends as you have been to me.   (and please don't reply and say nice stuff about me--you already did that last night!)  I would rather you just continue to use the forum to make fun of me.  Eric, the whoe Viagra presentation seemed funnier when I was rehearsing it at home.  It was so quiet I got nervous and almost didn't do it.  I hope Kristi didn't get embarrassed.  If she did tell her I'm sorry....and I will make it up to her tonight.


      I thought it was funny.  Kristi thought it was funny.  I cant believe you caught me totally off guard.  I was gonna reply to everyone that Kate is gonna enjoy the Viagra more than I am...but I couldnt do it once I got up there.

      I cant believe you were doing all the race team stuff by youself since you began the team.  No wonder you were ready to let someone else take over.


        I thought it was funny and had a pretty good idea of where it was headed when the over-sized Vigra bottle came out of the bag. My wife on the other had thought it was the real deal until you started reading the letter. She asked me about it in the car on the way home and mentioned how funny it was.You have got to see the movie "This is 40"

          I thought the forum awards were the best part... And I don't think the humor was lost on them- rather, they haven't been privy to the awesome board posts. The lines of good, clean humor are, shall we say, smudged within these forum walls. But for those of us that do follow, it was THE BEST!


          I hope everyone enjoyed themselves. Maybe they'll spread the word about our awesomeness both on and off the web.