Pickens County Y Race Team


Big Bird racing Louisville (Read 231 times)


    Last 6 minutes video:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2pglf1R2Ij0

    They begin by showing a lady who just missed the cutoff by one minute - I think the male volunteer "handler" was crying for her.


    The video doesn't capture the amount of noise, but still cool - gonna try to figure out how to post my own video.


    edit:  the finishing chute looks short, buts its about 100 yards long from where it begins.  You can see people pounding on the plastic signs hung on the fencing (the entire lenght of the chute) - that sound alone was deafening, then add in ACDC and other mixed in songs and it made your ears ring. 


    At 16:58:30, notice the older lady in pink.  She was running with "the lean" to her left.  She would not have made it much farther.  Uusally when the race offficials see that, they pull you off the course for a health check and you often aren't allowed to continue.  she would have went down soon.

      That was ridiculously emotional... makes me want the FULL! Is it hard to run and cry because I would be a blubber factory.