Pickens County Y Race Team


BIG news (Read 86 times)

    I am going to mention this in the next mass email, but I couldn't help but mention it here too....

    Haley is P---R---E---G---N---A---N----T !!!!!!!!!!!

    The baby will be named Cervelo Felt Gann.

    Haley is also planning to proceed with the Beach2Battleship 70.3.



      Big Congrats Haley.  But I have to question where your priorities are when you manage to get pregnant while training for a major triathlon???

      Just sayin...


      Seriously...congratulations and good luck over the next 9 months.  Prayers for you and the family.

        IS THIS TRUE???  You are like the boy who cried wolf, Josh!!  I thought this was another one of your jokes!! 

        Congrats Haley!!


          I 'second' that.  Thought maybe he was joking at first.

          I'm looking forward to posting my first pics of the new baby in 9 months.  It'll be difficult to beat the pic of the newest Castleman babe I posted.

            It's true, but I can't take all the credit... I couldn't have done it without Justin Wink I had to come up with a legit reason to give Josh a chance to improve his cycling skills. No one likes being beat by a girl, especially a pregnant girl. Thanks for the well-wishes, Baby Cevelo and I are appreciative (and highly nauseated).