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    Anyone goin to Castlemans House Hunters party August 20th at Buffalos Clermont? Josh has been great for Clermont btw...  Thanks for sending him down YRT.

    Kevin Grogan


    Hello Kevin Grogan,

    Thanks for the invite to the party.  We may just have to have our own "Castleman's House Hunters" party here in SC.  Good idea.

    Thanks for the pics.  Been wondering what Josh has been up to lately.

     - itri - 

      Josh, the House Hunters show was awesome!  My favorite comment had to be, "BYO-Toilet seat!"  The house looks so nice and Kate is a saint for putting up with the bats.  I still have chills just from seeing them on tv!!


        You did a good job on that back yard.  That looked like a tough project.

         - itri - 


          My favourite part was the bats in the attic

            haha thanks guys!

            it was a cool experience---and a very long wait for it to air.  we were pretty nervous and felt awkward watching it.

            but overall, it was fun.

            The bats are actually in a bat box on the side of the house, so luckily they aren't in our attic (yet).

            a couple people around town that we don't know have stopped us to ask if we were on H.H.  pretty funny!