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Interesting numbers (Read 51 times)


    Most of you may not be interested in this stuff, but I love looking at such numbers - Haylee may have some interest since she is considering an IM.  This was the Louisville analysis of average splits, finish times, etc.  The average marathon time jumped up to 5:22.  The website itself does the same thing for all Ironman races.


      This is neat. It would be interesting to see what the temperature was for each race and guesstimate the correlation in times. Based on the bar graph, I would guess it was coolest in 2009. It's also interesting, the noteable difference in DNF percentage W30-34 vs W35-39...almost 4.5%. Maybe it's worth timing the IM closer To my 35th? Smile I'll take any edge I can get.

        Yes, 2009 was the coolest followed by 2011.  The even years have been the harshest for some weird reason.  Louisville is all about pacing and nutrition.  Get that and you'll finish.