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Clemson Triathlon training group (Read 8 times)


    The Clemson triathlon is May 11, 2013.http://www.setupevents.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=event_detail&eventID=2359

    This has always been a well run event in the past and a race I would recommend. I would not call it a good first timer race because it is very popular and attracts a lot of very fast athletes. The open water swim is 750 meters and can be very intimidating to athletes who have never done an open water swim. The bike is fairly challenging with 2 climbs and a lot of rollers. The run is relatively flat with the exception of a brutal hill leading up to the dike.


    For anyone interested, we could set up some training open water swims, bike rides and even run the course. There is a semi-supported open water swim on Wed evenings that should be starting fairly soon. It goes off in 2 groups 5:30 and 6:00 I rarely make the first group but usually catch the second wave. There is still enough light afterwards for a run or bike. The first couple of sessions require a wetsuit but the water warms up quickly after a few sunny days.


    If there is any interest let me know. We have 8 weeks to prepare. If anyone wants an 8 week training plan, I would be happy to try and help out.


      Well, I wasn't too nervous about this one but I am now.  Nah, kidding.  I'm up for the challenge.

      Yes, I am interested and my friend, Beth, is interested as well.

      Let me know when and where for any training sessions.

       - itri -