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Swim Safety (Read 86 times)


    Most of us do triathlons and its time to begin increasing our swimming time.  Please take time to watch this video for your own safety - especially if you plan on swimming in cold water.  This might just save your life.  Thank me later.



      You just wasted 5 minutes of my life watching the worst acting I have seen in a long time. Why was Sue in a tree at the beginning?


        Let me go ahead and thank you now, Educational Eric.

         - itri - 

          wow.  I watched this video until I saw a guy bend over wearing cut-off jean shorts.  That's when I stopped.  Unfortunately, that did not deter Eric.    But on a positive note, I have noticed that Eric has trained 11 days in a row!  That is impressive.  I was hoping he would take it easy so that I could finally beat him in something, but it appears he is not ready to give me that satisfaction.  Oh well.  Maybe if I wear small jean shorts in the next race, his heart rate will spike and hurt his performance.

            Eric's BFF from High School: (yes, they still keep in touch)



              Excellent timing - needed a good laugh.  That cracked me up.


              Is it wrong that I somehow can't stop looking at this picture?

                Those shoes totally don't go with that outfit.