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Censored? Noooooooooo.... (Read 41 times)


    Thats just wrong.  Something gets censored before I get a chance to see it.  Somebody needs to fess up and let us know what it was!!!

    I'm a little surprised that the first censorship occured to someone other than myself...and given some of the things that have been posted on here, it must have been realllllly bad.  I'll be patiently awaiting an explanation of what the post was about.


    edit to add:  Haley, it appears that you censored yourself.  Now that really is just wrong!!!!

      lol...I knew I'd get someone's attention!


      in honesty, it was my post...and until I can figure out how to fit something on it, censored it will remain. MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.


      Fear not, this is no precursor to wielding my censorship sword. Only my own mistake. Keep on with the good stuff.


        Ok, I understand...so just tell me and I won't tell anyone else.