Pre-Dawn Patrol


5 Mile VA Beach Home Route
8.17 km. Added by treed942000 (3/22/2010)
Start Bizzone Left Heald Way Left Murphy Lane Left Warner Lane Right Antonick Lane Left Leplaca Lane Right Lynn Dr continue on Livingston Oak Dr Left on Centerville Turnpike Right on Mill Pond Dr Right on Birchleaf Road to Lynnhaven Pkwy Right on Lynnhaven Pkwy to home
Anna's Hoeve 10k +
7 mi. Added by EnricM (1/23/2012)
That's my usual route for pre-dawn runs. Well illuminated, bike paths with excellent asphalt. The same road can be followed to make a out and back route for up to 18mi. I use to make my shorter 5-11 milers on this route from 4:30-5:30 before commuting to work in Amsterdam, Holland.
Burke Lake
5 mi. Added by treed942000 (1/16/2008)
Saratoga - Mercer
10 mi. Added by treed942000 (1/1/2009)
Saratoga - Pohick
11.35 mi. Added by treed942000 (1/1/2009)
Saratoga Square Route
3 mi. Added by treed942000 (1/16/2008)
My Home Route.
South Run, and around Burke Lake
7.3 mi. Added by ironTriKev (1/17/2008)
Here's a way to add a few more miles to Troy's Burke Lake run.
Southrun Dog Park
10 mi. Added by treed942000 (1/1/2009)
Tri-Kev's normal morning run
5 mi. Added by ironTriKev (1/17/2008)
Here is my "normal" morning run. I can add or subtract from this base but if I need to get more than about 8 miles I generally do something else :)